JUST IN: NYC Council Made SHOCK Move DAY BEFORE Manhattan Massacre, Are They SERIOUS?!

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The New York City Council has come under scrutiny after a move it made the day prior to the worst terror attack since 9/11 happening in Manhattan.

It’s no secret that NYC is run by ultra-left progressives who put their ideology above everything else, including common sense, safety and pragmatism, but their latest move will be enough to puzzle even the most hardcore ideologues. Despite the fact that Mayor Bill De Blasio has been repeatedly warned of the threat of Islamic extremism within his city, he and other city leaders are pushing to make it even harder for federal agents to do their job in securing our nation.

In fact, On Monday, the day prior to the Manhattan Massacre, the City Council took further steps to shut out federal agents trying to apprehend dangerous criminals seeking sanctuary in New York.

The New York Post reported:

The city already makes it difficult for immigration agents to get information about illegal residents — and on Monday, the City Council took more steps to shut out the feds.

The council’s Committee on Immigration voted unanimously to pass a bill prohibiting local law enforcement from entering partnerships with agents from US Immigration and Customs Enforcement to enforce immigration laws.

The Post predicts that the full Council will easily pass the legislation since it’s run by rabid leftists. Commenting on the proposal, Councilman Raphael Espinal, a Brooklyn Democrat, said that cooperating with the feds makes the public trust city leadership less, or something.

“The city already cooperates with ICE on its own terms through [current] laws,” said Espinal, a bill co-sponsor. “Any broader or formal arrangement would erode public trust in law enforcement and city agencies. It would also waste local taxpayer dollars.”

While the stunning move occurred prior to the attack, it’s unlikely these ideologues will allow it to alter their feelings on the issue. After all, when the left has a bad idea that places people in danger, they tend to double and triple down on the bad idea, rather than admit they were wrong and work to correct it.

So there’s really no reason to believe this will be any different.

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