One of the founders of the Southern Poverty Law Center wrote a blog calling conservatives terrorists. This is not an article, but me doing a counterpoint argument to prove he is wrong on all of his assumptions. For a man with a law degree, he is extremely uneducated as to Supreme Court rulings and the real reasons for the conservative mindset.

First debunking of Dees: Bundy Ranch is a defense of the Constitution


Here, via his SPLC blog, is Morris Dees’ comments about Bundy Ranch.

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The April standoff is the clearest sign yet of the growing threat of antigovernment extremism. This is a movement that claims, nonsensically, that it stands up for the U.S. Constitution while at the same time thoroughly rejecting the authority of the federal government and, often, the courts. At its heart, it’s an anti-democratic movement with strong strains of racism and anti-Semitism that seeks a country where county sheriffs are the ultimate law enforcement authority.

Point 1) The Supreme Court has ruled multiple times that the federal government has no right to the land they control. There have been multiple rulings that are based on what is known as the Equal Footing Doctrine. The problem with the lands that have been taken by the BLM is that the states are too hooked on the federal money to fight for their territory. The other people who fight for the land do not have the resources that it takes to fight the federal government. So, the real fight is not able to be fought, so Americans are taking steps that they can.

The people who were at the Bundy Ranch were not trying to be violent. They wanted the situation peacefully resolved. At the same time, the multitude of people of a multitude of colors and beliefs were there because they believe the government keeps overstepping. The same arguments are coming out of Democrats on other issues. There is also the fact that the civil rights marchers in the South did so knowing there would be violence. Were they terrorists?


Point 2) Yes, Mr. Dees, many of us that love our country are not for a democracy. We understand that our country was founded as a Republic. If you do not know this point, how did you become a lawyer. There is a difference, and you need to realize that.

Point 3) In case you have not noticed, Mr. Dees, many of the conservatives out there adore Mia Love like they do Sarah Palin. Allen West is well respected, as is Dr. Ben Carson. I would dare say that such people will garner votes in any national election. These would be conservative votes, Mr. Dees.

There is another part of the argument that has you shown to be wrong. Most conservatives love Israel. While I personally don’t like foreign aid while we are in such debt, there are other ways as a nation we can continue our support of a nation that has been more of an ally than most any other country in this world. You have it completely wrong. Almost to a person, with a few exceptions, conservatives have an issue with Islam.

Point 4) Yes, most conservatives want county sheriffs as the highest law. The reason is we don’t want the overreach of the federal level. Is it perfect? No. The local level can still be corrupt, ask any World War 2 era person in McMinn County Tennessee or any number of other places that has seen a bad police force. At the same time, we can figure ways to get them out of office legally. We cannot do that with people like J. Edgar Hoover, who is well known for his excesses.

Second debunking of Dees: paranoia

Here is the next part I will debunk.

This is a movement largely comprising rural white men who believe they’re losing control of “their” county. It’s organized largely around the belief in paranoid conspiracy theories. These theories revolve mainly around one big one: that a secretive cabal of global elites is scheming to create a totalitarian government known as the New World Order, which will enslave Americans, take away Americans’ guns and throw dissidents into concentration camps now being built by FEMA.

Point 1) Losing control of the country is happening. I will be the first to say that there is a serious need to do away with certain laws and parts of the government. The reason is, the larger the government, the more corruption. I am a person who you hate, Mr. Dees, and I read all I can and can find no one smarter than Adam Smith on the need for smaller government. Does there need to be some regulation? Yes. Do we actually get that in a fair manner now? Oh no we don’t.

Point 2) Global elite? Hmm, you are a liberal and you don’t have an issue with multi-national corporations that are wreaking havoc on many nations with their policies? What about Monsanto and what they are doing? As a liberal, I dare say that you believe there are forces out there shaping the government into something you don’t like that has an international presence.

Point 3) The Supreme Court continuously rules against the gun laws of centers of crime like Chicago. It is the party that you support that continues to try and find ways to make victims of people who could defend themselves. Personally, I think that people need to carry pistols not rifles, but that is my opinion. I am not scared of firearms. I was raised around them. I was educated on them. There are bad people out there, and there are good people. The good people do not need the Democrat Party making them victims.

Point 4) Mr. Dees, I will admit to something here and now. I think the whole thing of FEMA camps is a little overdone. For one thing, if we ever have concentration camps in this nation again, like the ones that held Japanese in World War 2, they will not be administered by FEMA. Those people who continuously say FEMA are doing an injustice to a government agency that tries to help those who have had to suffer disasters. That, I personally have a problem with.

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There is one thing that you are not taking into account, Mr. Dees esquire. Korematsu v. United States has still not been overturned. That says that internment camps are very legal. That means that they can be brought back. No laws have been written to prevent them. So, there is a legal reason to worry.

Mr. Dees, I could keep debunking you. It is not difficult. Most of the folks you call anti-government are anything but. They want smaller government. Most have served their nation and are in no way anarchists. You cite McVeigh, but you are doing a disservice to all of us who saw him as a criminal. I have read the Anarchist Cookbook just like he did. I came away laughing about making drugs made from the weirdest stuff. You most likely claim that you are tolerant, but you have shown you are not.






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