Country Boys Drive Through BLM Protesters, Blast THUGS With a NASTY Surprise Right To The FACE (VIDEO)


Violent black thugs are destroying cities across America, savagely attacking Law Enforcement officers and whites all in the name of “social justice.” Yes, they are oppressed and we are all racist’s and all that bullsh*t so they destroy whatever they can get their filthy hands on. How intelligent, huh?

Frankly, I’m sick of this garbage and so are a hell of a lot of Americans.

Law abiding citizens and business owners are sick and tired of this ANARCHY and some are taking matters into their own hands.

My good friend and fellow journalist Prissy Holly at Fury News reports that one small group of ‘rednecks’ decided to fight back, using their massively jacked up diesel trucks as an expression of their sentiments, showing the thugs precisely what they think of them.

“Rollin’ Coal” is a special little trick that diesel truck drivers know all about. If you tune the engine on a diesel truck a certain way to “trick the engine” into needing more fuel, the result when you hammer on the gas is a huge plume of black smoke that blasts out of the tailpipe of the truck. But unfortunately for these BLM protesters, there were about to become intimately familiar with this wonderful little term.



Aaron Gettel narrates his experience, as he follows his friend and other diesel owner Mike Hanna through a crowd of angry rioters.

“I like when there’s white people at a black lives matter protest,” he can be heard saying as he revs his engine at a stop light, spotting the group of unaware protesters from across the street. At minute mark 1:20 is when the fun really begins, as the light turns green and they drive by the group of protesters. You can tell the BLM rioters are instantly pissed, as they can be heard screaming obscenities and hurling bottles at the two drivers.

Watch the hilarity ensue:


SMOKED! You HAVE to love this!

Nice job boys! Keep up the good work!


God Bless.

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