Country Music Wanna-Be Chely Wright Blasts “Straight, White, Christian Males” That Oppose Political Correctness



Music is about having talent with timing and in my eyes country singer Chely Wright hasn’t got the talent level to be in the spotlight. Blaming people for your failures is a sure sign that you lack one of those two qualities. Could it be her agent wanting her to make money from the “hate everybody” groups now?

Straight, white, Christian men- the easiest group to attack in today’s filthy liberal world. By a Lesbian, no less! A person who by definition, dislikes males. She calls herself a Christian and then attacks Christians, in solidarity with the rest of the gay mafia who work in the public eye. This woman is confused about more than just her sexuality. Just trying to put things in proper context.


Country singer Chely Wright took to her Facebook page on Tuesday to push back against “straight, white, Christian males” who complain that political correctness has run amok, proclaiming that these individuals appear to lack “empathy and kindness.”

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Wright, a Christian and a lesbian who has openly discussed how she reconciles her faith and sexuality, also said that she’d bet that these people were likely playground bullies during their younger years. (H/T TheBlaze)


This is from her Facebook post:

Something I’ve noticed on social media is that those who continually mock and complain that “political correctness is rampant and ridiculous– yada yada yada” are most always straight, white, Christian males. They’re people who’ve never had to rely on others to speak up for them to protect and correct systemic injustices that society has leveled upon them.


What they fail to understand is that there is a valid and profound reason that the term “political correctness” exists. The term was born out of a desperate need to aid and to render fairness and safety. So many straight, white,Christian men have a lot of fun throwing the words “political correctness” around as a pejorative, but to me and many others it only serves to identify them as a person who lacks empathy and kindness.

Additionally, I’d bet my eye teeth that these men were often the big, mouthy bully on the playground at school who picked on the poor kid, the handicapped kid, the gay kid, the kid with glasses, the black kid and the kid with a single parent.

Desfile del orgullo gay en Madrid, 2013.



If she is so quick to judge those “lacking empathy toward those who practice PC” as only “white Christian males”, then why is Ms. Wright so lacking in empathy toward white Christian males? I guess by her own definition she was a playground bully when she was a child. Typical garbage coming from the closed minded leftists of this world.

Your assumptions are invalid! When you see people complaining about political correctness, it is people from all walks of life who are tired of seeing their freedoms and heritage taken away! It’s a double standard that liberals refuse to acknowledge, but yet play the “equal rights” card to the max when it favors them. Fricking moron.




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  1. Badbabboo56 says:

    Let Chely Wright put out her first gay country music love ballad and lets see how popular she is with country music fans? Funny how the liberal left has always enjoyed laughing and smirking about how only country hillbilly hicks were the people who supposedly indulged in gay sex , and now it is openly pushed as a natural and normal way of life. Guess, the laugh is on the liberal left now?

  2. Orpheus75 says:

    “straight, white,Christian men have a lot of fun throwing the words “political
    correctness” around as a pejorative”. Kind of like throwing around
    “straight, white Christian Men” as a pejorative?

  3. Troll For Hire says:

    How long will be before you gaybos block me

  4. Troll For Hire says:

    You all get all worked up over silly nonsense. Lol . Laugh have fun and enjoy life

  5. dpward1974 says:

    Who’s she, never heard of her.

  6. thisguysnuts says:

    Remember the Dixie Chick’s opened their big mouth and POOF!!! There goes their career. Well, let Sheldon or Chelly or whatever her real name is keep running her mouth. Before long, POOF!!!!

    • Well, Sheldon or Chely, or whatever it is, is in a 3% minority. How many in that 3% listen to country music? Christian should not follow her, pray for her YES, pay her way NO. Straight white men might be her “bread and butter”. Maybe she shouldn’t be biting the hand that feeds her

  7. Lenny Szubinski says:

    This woman is not only perverted, but she is totally nuts! I know very many women who are NOT PC! Political correctness is nothing but an indoctrination tool used by lunatic, unfulfilled liberals, who loves to blame the rest of the world for their failures! They are very selective with their PC sympathies as well! If you are white, you are bad. If you are a white male, that’s even worse! But if you are a white, Christian male that is worst of all! It turns out that these hypocrites; the LGBT as well as liberals in general, are the biggest promoters of hate on the planet! Just disagree with one and see what happens! This women has been truly brainwashed, as liberalism is a true mental disorder!

  8. Tony Byrd says:

    how can you be a Christian and gay I don’t get this nut she needs to read the bible one man one woman

  9. Richard StJohn says:

    She is correct to a point. I don’t have much empathy for the PC crowd or the gay mafia. Those who look for confrontation to assert their legal dominance as a protected group over others for simply having different views. As for needing protection she should remember that white males have been the only group that can be discriminated against legally for the last forty years or so. She sounds like she is the one with the bullying problem. But that’s typical of liberals. They claim to be tolerant yet inside each one is a bloodthirsty dictator waiting to emerge.

  10. Thunder Panus says:

    She is hot for a lesbian.I would like to watch her lick another womans cooter.

  11. Right Justice says:

    converted to Country back in 2013 to avoid pop lesbo’s like this, a talent-void carpet-muncher, she’s NOT what “country” is all about

  12. Marcus Talley says:

    When PC officially renamed the term “deaf” to “hearing impaired” it lost all credibility.


  14. The mainstream media is always promoting this crap. Till the American people boycott or shut down the Atheist TV stations, this kind of crap will continue to fill the Americans peoples minds.
    Some body please permanently turn off this crap, it is killing us.

  15. the foto of the fat guy and his botch looks like something in the loony bin.

  16. I’m sick and tired of people (liberals) insinuating that because you are white and male, that you have every opportunity handed to you on a silver platter and have never experienced hurt, pain, or injustice of any kind and therefore are unworthy of any decency or respect. This woman is doing to white men the same thing she claims white men do to others. She is RACIST and a bigot – liberalist self proclaimed victim for all to see (who aren’t themselves diluted and liberal).

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