BREAKING: This Country Just Sent Putin A POWERFUL Message If Russia Attacks, “If You Invade, Don’t…”



Lithuania is issuing manuals on what to do if Russia invades, publishing a manual for its 3 million citizens with instructions on how to defend their homeland against Russian invaders.


The draft (conscription) has been reinstated for state military service into the Lithuanian Armed Forces as well as the defense budget being raised. NATO has also finally responded to the many requests by Lithuania for NATO to deploy more troops to the Baltics.

On Friday, the Lithuanian Government issued the 75-page manual to their citizens, titled, “Prepare to survive emergencies and war.”

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It notes the Russian method of using “denial and ambiguity” at the beginning of an invasion and warns:


“It is most important that the civilians are aware and have a will to resist — when these elements are strong, an aggressor has difficulties in creating an environment for military invasion.”


The manual discusses details how Lithuanians should spy and inform on the enemy if Russia succeeds in occupying part of the country.

There are also detailed images of Russian-made tanks, grenades, mines and guns and instructions on how to recognize different types. Further instructions cover first aid and surviving in the wild.

Lithuania borders Russia’s strategically important base of Kaliningrad where it has been building up its already intense military options, including the arrival of a nuclear-capable short-range ballistic missile system earlier this month.

“With ramped up defense spending, the reinstatement of conscription and NATO’s troops, Lithuania is at the front line of a new Cold War.” ~ CNN

The document reminds Lithuania’s people — of whom around six percent are Russian, per the last census in 2011 — that the defense of the country is “the right and duty of every citizen”.

NATO has sent 4 more battalions to the Baltic states, roughly 4000 troops to the Baltic States and Poland.

Three battalions will be headed by the US, Canada and the UK, while the 4th is very vital to the region, Germany is preparing to deploy its most modern ‘Leopard 2’ tanks and more than 600 infantrymen to Lithuania.

“President Putin only understands power against power.” ~ Karolis Aleksa Lithuanian Ministry of Defense

Kaliningrad is largely supplied via rail and road through Lithuania while the Suwalki Gap, a slither of land in between Lithuania and Poland with Kaliningrad and Belarus at either end, has become a big concern of military intelligence.


“We are seeing mounting militarization of Kaliningrad, mounting, aggressive and unpredictable behavior in the Baltic Sea,” ~Dalia Grybauskaite Lithuanian President

NATO had previously stepped up its air policing operations in the region as well as increasing exercises and setting up a rapid-reaction force.

Russia has responded to the new NATO deployments by signaling it will reinforce its troops close to the border with the Baltics as well as a series of incidents in the airspace and waters of the Baltic Sea.

NATO’s massive buildup on the Russian borders has become a concern for Moscow, prompting retaliatory measures. In June, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said that “NATO and the US have deployed about 1,200 pieces of military equipment” as well as “more than 1,000 soldiers” in Eastern Europe and added that the deployment of US anti-missile defense systems (ABM) in Eastern Europe is a source of concern for the Russian military.

Putin’s strategic aim is clear: to re-establish Russia’s status as one of the world’s great powers and to dominate the former republics of the Soviet Union.

NATO strongly believes that Russia will march on the Baltic’s very soon, as they continue down the path of diplomacy they continue a military chess match with the Russian Bear.

What people have forgotten is the Russia’s invasion of Crimea and Ukraine in 2014, which Crimea and Ukraine say that they are fighting Russian troops to this day, Putin denies any current involvement.

The Baltic Sea region has been a powder keg and the tensions continue to rise, it can only hold for so long before it explodes into a conflict.




God Bless.

AFF’s Huny Badger is a Veteran who served our country as an Army Combat Medic.



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