Before his performance at the Points of Light Institute’s ceremony honoring former President George H. W.  Bush at the Kennedy Center , Brooks was asked if President Obama has lived up to his expectations.

“Yeah, I think what President Obama is finding out is all that we want to do, the system kind of doesn’t allow the most powerful guy in the world to kind of do his job and I’m sure nobody’s more frustrated than him to complete those promises that he did and I think he’s trying his heart out. I love him to death and I fully support him and I just wish him well because it’s got to be hell in that office,” said Brooks.


Lol he loves Obama… Unbelievable.

Brooks’ comments come as many celebrities who supported President Obama in the 2008 election including Matt Damon and Barbra Streisand have publicly expressed disappointment in President Obama.

As we all know, Obama’s presidency was a complete disaster.

He will go down as the worst president in history.


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Smash this liberals CD’s!

Obama loving dirtbag.


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  1. Kirsten Binski says:

    Mr Brooks must be a special kind of stupid…

  2. Truthbug says:

    B and M…no awards for clear thinking!

  3. Bill Cornell says:

    Why would anyone ask a country music celebrity their opinion on politics and even more intriguing….why would anyone care? He’s a performer…nothing more than a court jester paid to act like a the monkey on a leash for an organ grinder….just like the rest of them….it’s good these types actually have some opinion on world events….makes them seem more intelligent.

    • You’ve got to be kidding! You must have overdosed on Kool-Aid or else you and Garth were absent on the same day when God gave out brains! Obama and his lackeys have almost DESTROYED this country. You guys better take off those rose colored glasses because this country is GOING DOWN if we don’t STOP him. WAKE UP for God’s sake!

  4. Gloria Cantrell French says:

    I wonder what he is getting out of it? An invite to the White House or something? Why else would an Oklahoman raised on a ranch want?

  5. Robert Hewitt says:

    Who is this Garth person and why should I give a ratsass what he has to say ?

  6. Philip Baker says:

    what an idiot

    • As a veteran, you disgust me sir! This comment is a disgrace and reflects poorly on every veteran and what we fight for!

      • C. therealworld says:

        As a civilian you disgust me sir! Your comment is a disgrace and reflect poorly on every citizen and our freedoms. YOU SIR are a joke. You lack the dignity of a true veteran with your bloviating buffoon self loathing.

        • You are truly a coward! I served my country protecting YOUR right to express your deplorable disgusting opinions. The difference between you and I is simple. I was willing to put my life on the line to stand for your rights and freedom. What have you done? Nothing!

          • C. therealworld says:

            you were inlisted jack. you didn’t volunteer for anything. The man you are attacking originally has honor for his uniform you on the other hand aren’t worth the colors of your uniform.

          • Excuse me? I was, in fact, Enlisted (not inlisted) and yes I did volunteer for service. You, on the other hand, obviously did not serve one day in the military for if you did you would never mis-spell “Enlisted”! END OF LINE.

          • Libertarian_MS says:

            I suppose freedom of speech only applies to veterans, eh, Steven?

          • And thank you! You just can’t fix stupid.

          • C. therealworld says:

            dementia likely runs in your family. you should check that out.

  7. Garth Brooks is dead to me. No room for Commies in my life.

  8. SMH2much says:

    Can’t say he didn’t warn us. Ohhhhh, I’ve got friends, in lowly places…

  9. I am glad to see Garth Brooks supports our president. Anyone who thinks he is doing a bad job must have forgotten the idiot in office before him!

    • Kevin Koloff says:

      I take that to mean the previous administartion.

      • Libertarian_MS says:

        I suppose he meant “certain presidents.” Sort of hypocritical for praising Garth for supporting the president and calling another president an idiot.

        Maobama worshippers, “hypocrisy” is thy middle name.

    • Michael Clarke says:

      it’s quite easy to forget a few snowballs of presidential failures beneath a gol-dern avalanche of them…. Obama has committed so many atrocities while serving in office that they could fill an omnibus….

    • ImajWalker says:

      @Mike B: Obviously you forgot the previous idiot who LIED about seeing the first plane hit the towers that his buddies collected so dearly on and the loss of more than 3,000 Americans not to mention the death of more than 1 million INNOCENT Iraqi’s based on a LIE promoted by the Lying Mainstream Elite-owned Mainstream Media…
      How he promoted racism and terrorist groups to take your freedoms and lets not forget his loving father who pushes for the One World Order for the United Nations that through Agenda 21 wants to eliminate humanity by 90%, controls your food, water, land and now instills Satanism in your schools…oh..and vaccines & chemtrails to kill you softly and quietly (it’s all on NASA’s website)

      Oh, I forgot.. THAT’S better than Obama’s illegal immigration, banning the confederate flag.. allowing the stamping on of your American Flag that vets are wrapped in when they come home from fighting ‘illegal’ wars.

      Guess you haven’t done your homework Mike. You’ve missed soooooo much!

      • Bobbi Jo Johnson says:

        How about the idiot before him who had the man who eventually lead his people to attack us, but released him because he hadn’t attacked us yet, and his parents were BIG supporters of the idiot also known as Clinton. Oh yeah and when the 1st trade towers attack happened during his presidency he laughed and said it was cute, instead of laying waste to him like he should have. Then the 2nd attack never would have happened and who knows how much better our country would be. CLINTON is a much bigger player in the 1st 9-11 attacks than Bush, and Obama is the Mastermind behind the 2nd 9-11 attacks that Liberals just want to sweep under the carpet.

        • The 2nd 9/11 was Bush’s baby… Remember they had a ‘drill’ prior to 9/11 and Cheney told NORAD to ‘stand down.’ Obama however was the one who LIED about Gadaffi / Libya.. NATO was sent in ‘over lies’ that were magnified by Media.. who told the people it was for Humanitarian purposes… however it was NEVER about humans. It WAS about Gold / Oil and because Gadaffi wanted to break away from the US$. USA couldn’t have that. So they invaded.

          NATO (United Nations military) KILLED more than 36,000 ‘innocent people.’ + anyone who still supported Gadaffi.. armed or unarmed.

          THEN.. we had Obama supporting his Friends of Syria (who were actually supported & paid by the USA) to tell media that President Assad was using chemical warfare on his people. So? The USA & media ‘spread that’ lie.. but got caught! It was the USA using chemical warfare & blaming Assad. Syria had their election and more than 90% of the people wanted Assad..

          but still today.. we have the USA who ‘wants’ to do yet another ‘illegal’ regime change. The Media will never tell you the truth because only 5 very rich people own the media and they also want a One World Order.

          This currency crash we are experiencing is / has been ‘orchestrated’ so they can make us ‘accept’ their one world currency.

          Just saying.. If you don’t believe ‘anything’ I’ve told you here.. simply search it! It’s all there but no one wants to know!

          • Bobbi Jo Johnson says:

            Well you are correct that there are many forces, and plenty with money all orchestrating towards a one world order. However if you can actually claim that a publicity stunt pulled by Obama, that got out of control when the Seals tried to save those put in danger by the stunt, and then blamed on a video that wasn’t even released until after the attack is somehow Bush’s Baby then you have been brain washed by someone.

          • vivian greer says:

            and world war three will be obama’s baby

      • Harold Losey says:

        If this is what you believe and you are residing on USA soil please feel free to leave as I am disgusted that I spent 20 years of my life defending your right to say this. America(as it once was) love it or leave it!

        • Well Harold.. I’m not on U.S. soil and it pains me to see what’s happening to my neighbor. We too have an Obama/ Bush in our leadership who not only needs to be gone.. but like your two (and more) need to be ARRESTED for warcrimes and locked in Gitmo.

          I don’t hate the American people.. please don’t get me wrong. I do however wonder ‘why’ they believe ‘anything’ that is reported by Mainstream Media. Bush’s father has been calling for a One World Order for years. The United Nations (which runs the USA & Canada) has been flooding THEIR global agenda through our countries thus making us lose our sovereignty, borders, freedoms and rights. If you have defended your country for 20+ years.. doesn’t it bother you that the USA is slowly being banned by Obama? Does it bother you that people standing up for the flag are being ‘arrested’ instead of those destroying it? Doesn’t it bother you that the USA not only supports ISIS but supplied their weapons and is USING them through propaganda to keep you, a proud American FEARFUL of them but at the same turn want to take away your 2nd amendment and are doing so with False Flags like Sandy Hook and Aurora Shooting to do so? I could go on and on.. but if you should say to me.. ‘since I don’t live in the USA that it’s none of my business… let me remind you… that whatever happens to you.. is going to happen to me also. Why? Because it’s already started.

          Have a read /watch of how corrupt your ENTIRE government is with these:
          Operation Northwoods

          We need to talk about Sandy Hook

          (and tell more than 2,600 people who have watched it that they are wrong.

          I’m on your side.. I just hate when people are in denial. Your presidents aren’t VOTED in and haven’t been since Kennedy.

          Every one of them since Kennedy has promised the world and have given your country nothing but corruption.

          Here’s why America is failing:

          Peace & Safety everyone.. the worse is yet to come!

          • vivian greer says:

            at least you are aware of the situation. people here don’t want to give up any of their precious goods and their cozy lifestyles so they tell themselves that we’re the crazy ones when we try and sound the alarm. they refuse to read the writing on the wall. these are the people that we will need to defend ourselves from when the shtf. they won’t have a clue how to survive without the government to tell them what to do. all my life i wanted what most people have. a big house, credit cards, ect.ect. looking back i am so glad now i never “made it”. i own my little house. i drive a used car and the only debt i have are my monthly bills. and my husband and i are happy, well as happy as you can be given the current situation. but now we have to be worried about an overflow of “refugees” that we all know despise us and the asshat in the white house wants to stick them right next door. i believe that every single person that believes that this is a good thing should be required by law to take one family home with them. then we’ll see how great they think it will be.

      • ????I have done my homework and if I were to decide to write out points it would have sounded a lot like what you wrote. Obama may not be perfect, who is. However I voted for him twice and he is a vast improvement over the evildoer before him.

  10. on_the_right says:

    I’d be willing to bet all you ass kissing brain dead libs would bow down and kiss master Obama’s ass if he told you to.

  11. Sid Peña says:

    I love seeing the Tea-baggers’ heads exploding in the comments because someone they thought was automatically on their side just because he sings C&W music expresses support and empathy for the POTUS. Y’all might want to take a lesson in humility and civilized behavior before engaging the public with your delusional, foaming at the mouth rhetoric a la FAUX News. Oh, that’s right, the GOP has put critical thinking on hiatus indefinitely.

    • Another lefty obsessed with “tea-bagging”. Does it more then he would care to admit. Now go wave your rainbow flag little tea-bagger.

      • Maybe your mommy could dress you up like a real tea-bagger with a tiny American flag, an M4 cap rifle and a little tiny bible. Don’t forget the little tricorne hat with tea bags hanging off of it! LOL

        • I’m sure anything having to do deviant sexual acts gets your juices flowing. Have your daddy dress you in a little princes costume with a tiny little fag flag. And don’t forget to wear a frilly little hat with anal condoms hanging from it. ROTFL

          • You can’t come up with your own thoughts, so you just repeat what the previous post stated with a slight change in wording. I’ll just let you simmer in your own pathetic existence as documented by your inept ability to insult people.

            Essentially, you’ve failed at trolling on the internet.

          • LOL……Just mocking you. Love it when you fags have your little girl hissy fits. However I do have empathy for your kind, i really do pity you.

  12. Hope he has a huge Dixie Chicks attack on his career.

  13. Libertarian_MS says:

    Just another emperor worshiping idiot.

  14. Barf brooks sucked way before now the only thing he has proven now is that he has some sugar in his tank and he loves racist race baiters

  15. marymarg53 says:

    Gee Garth…I thought you would be smarter than that. ..what a disappointment. I guess I should have known better

  16. imabitterclinger2 says:

    Garth must really love his support of Planned Parenthood and his support for selling baby parts.

  17. Rachel Sanchez says:

    I knew he was an idiot. Never was a fan.

  18. Gene Kennedy says:

    If we have ever had a worse president I wasn’t living when that happened. This is the worst of any president that I have seen in the 81 years that I have been living and I hope it doesn’t get any worse than what it is

  19. Susie Head says:

    Well that goes to show how much of a dumb a** he really is!!!!!

  20. RamingtonStall says:

    And I have been Thumbs Downing Garth Brooks on Pandora ever since ….

  21. gregkliebigsr says:



  22. Piss on this LIBTARD POS!! —Check into the tax breaks all ”entertainers” get,,, includes basketball, football, actors, book writers,,, they all get special tax breaks, under the democrats and ovomit. Of course they love them!! Notice how they include the special breaks for ”sports entertainers” to keep dem spear chuckers happy!!

  23. Gammi2Anna says:

    One moron endorsing another moron does not warrant a headline in the news. I never listen to or care what the Holly’weird’ crowd has to say. They are all living in their own self absorbed fairy tale world where reality never happens. Step into my world Garth and I’ll bet you’d have a whole different opinion.

  24. Color me disappointed!!

  25. He just lost a bunch of fans.

  26. Well I just pull out all of my cd’s of his and they went into the trash I will never buy another cd of his again

  27. Joseph D. Saxon says:

    Wow, I wonder if Chris Gaines, will support Obama to……

  28. Mary Marx Lynch says:

    Hello Garth!! Time to wake up from dream world. Wow! Those are some shades you’ve been wearin’!!

  29. How can someone say that with a straight face? What a diddle knocker!

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