Couple Acts FAST When They Spot Homeless Man Living On Their Property, Teach Him Lesson He’ll NEVER Forget


Most of us are fortunate to have a roof over our heads and when it gets cold, we just have to crank the heater or light a nice fire in our living rooms. But many Americans, for whatever reason aren’t as fortunate and are homeless, left to improvise some sort of shelter to sleep in and try to stay warm and dry. 

One couple noticed a homeless person living in a tent in a backfield where they live and wanted to help. The story was posted to Love What Matters on Facebook and has garnered a whopping 45k likes and nearly 6000 shares.

Here is the post submitted by Brandi Vee in it’s entirety: 

“I want to recognize my very caring, thoughtful and wonderful human being of a boyfriend, John.

There is a homeless man who lives in a little makeshift tent at the very back of the field where we walk our dogs by our complex.

Tonight we were cleaning up our apartment and going through our belongings when my boyfriend suggested we give this “neighbor” of ours a winter care package complete with anything he could use or might need like blankets and some canned, non-perishable food.

I thought it was such a brilliant idea that we didn’t stop there. We loaded a backpack with plenty of essentials: food, hygiene items, stuff to eat with and more. We also filled a giant trash bag with a big comforter blanket, two pillows and a very cozy sweater that we were sure would fit him.

After getting all these items packed up for him, John wanted to include a letter to give him a warm, friendly welcome to the neighborhood because although he isn’t living in an apartment here, he is still our neighbor and a person; and it is our job as human beings to take care of each other.

This letter is all in John’s words and my handwriting, and I really feel it was the perfect finishing touch. We went by his little tarp tent a little while ago and dropped off our gift to him.

With the holidays approaching it is important to remember what it’s really about – giving and thinking of others.”

Here is John’s note:



Remember to help those who are less fortunate during the Christmas holidays and throughout the year.

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God Bless. 



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God Bless.

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