COVER UP: Judge Assigned To The Fusion GPS Case Is A Close Pal Of Podesta- They’ve Been Colluding Since…


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From Whitewater To Fusion GPS…This Replacement Judge Is Not To Be Trusted

Judge Richard Leon Replaces Judge Assigned To The Fusion GPS Court Case…And You Should Be Up In Arms About It

As you might already be aware, a decision will soon be handed down in a case that decides the fate of all those responsible for the creation of the Trump Dossier.  Fusion GPS, the firm that was contracted to produce the dossier is currently fighting for its life to prevent their  banking records from being released.  Those records will show a money trail that leads back to Clinton as well as a number of other deep state operatives involved in the financing of the report.


Numerous outlets have since reported the the judge originally assigned to that case, Judge Tanya Chutkan, has been removed (likely because she donated thousands to the Obama campaign).  What hasn’t been widely reported yet, however, is that the replacement judge is even worse and has a wide range of conflicts of interest that will disable his ability to act impartially. 

He also has a storied history of involvement in high-profile government corruption cases–and usually is on the wrong side of them.

Before we begin, it cannot be stressed enough how pivotal this case will be in the fate of the Deep State.  The Trump Dossier was produced to embarrass and shame President Trump and to prevent voters from trusting him.  The perpetrators that sponsored the dossier–from Clinton to the unnamed Republicans–must be held accountable.  The placement of this new judge will prove to be nothing other than a rigged theatrical performance, just one more cover-up to add to his growing list.  After reviewing the relationships described below you will have no doubt that the judge involved must be removed for his absurd conflict of interest.

The Background: Judge Leon’s Long History Of Embracing The Swamp

That replacement judge’s name is Richard Leon, and he has a close friendship with John Podesta, Dick Cheney and a whole host of other swamp creatures.  Leon was involved in the Whitewater scandal, the Iran-Contra investigation, and has been readily on-hand to suit the deep state’s needs on countless occasions.  After adequately serving the Bush clan he was nominated to his current seat on the bench of the United States District Court for the District of Columbia where he is currently a Senior Judge.


A curious correspondence between Podesta and Judge Leon was quickly revealed after it became clear that the switch had been made.

FMShooter was the first to report on the unearthed friendship shared between John Podesta and Judge Richard J. Leaon–they noticed that the two had been exchanging emails together:

So they removed one judge with an obvious bias, only to replace her with a judge with an even bigger bias? Leon even being associated with Podesta is enough to merit another conflict of interest removal – no matter if they’re very friendly or not. Podesta acted as Clinton’s campaign chair; therefore the Fusion GPS case is being further rigged.

FMS brings up a very good point–whether they are friendly or not shouldn’t be the measure by which a conflict of interest is assessed at all.  But thankfully, Deplorable Digest has produced decades worth of evidence indicating that these men are indeed quite friendly. 

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From Whitewater To Georgetown: A Friendship Begins

The relationship between the judge and the spirit-cooker goes back even farther than the Wikieaks exchange.  How far? To Whitewater in 1994.  It was Judge Leon, then acting as the special counsel for Congress’ Banking Committee, that deposed Podesta:

 “I deposed him during the Whitewater investigation, the summer of ’94,” Leon says. “Which is usually not the basis of a friendship,” says Podesta.

They must have really hit off since–as you just read them admit–that’s not typically how friendships are made.  But boy, they certainly became close.  Close enough to even teach  a course together! And here’s a picture of the two laughing at some joke as they strut down the halls of Georgetown where Leon is still an adjunct professor.

In 2008, it was Leon that demanded the Bush administration release a group of detainees housed in Guantanamo Bay.  These men were known as the “Algerian Six,” and while they were eventually repatriated to Algeria after an intervention by the Supreme Court but the case against the release wasn’t without merit by any means.  These men were rather suspicious and hardly at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Deep State Fixer: Leon Played A Crucial Role In The Bush Dynasty’s Rise To Power

In the 80s, Leon was working for none other than Dick Cheney in order to spin out narratives that isolated George HW Bush from the Iran-Contra scandal.  His involvement in this scandal led some to describe his ascent as “Leon’s Dirty Climb To The Bench.”  Basically, Leon claimed that by investigating the elder Bush’s role in his service to the Executive Branch, Congress was violating the Presidential prerogative to execute foreign policy.  Leon would continue to loyally serve the Bush family through elder’s administration by acting to bury reports and isolate them from Congressional access on numerous occasions.

Cheney would later re-use the arguments framed by Leon during this era to justify the introduction of American troops to Iraq under the guise of national security matters.

Wrap Up: What Is Going On Here?

Simply put: an unprecedented level of corruption has taken hold of our government and in order to preserve its entrenched hooks it is pulling out all of the stops.  Unless an informed citizenry is able to raise the alarm to those too busy with their day-to-day lives these people will win another victory and the true perpetrators of the Trump Dossier will go unpunished and continue to plot their schemes in the shadows.

The Bush-Clinton cartel must be stopped and to do so seems to require the removal of Judge Leon from this case.  Let’s stick a nail in this coffin.

This is dangerously close to becoming yet another chapter of hidden American history.




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