Cowboy Walks Into Bar, Gets Asked If He’s A REAL Cowboy… What Happens Next Is PRICELESS


Every now and then America’s Freedom Fighters likes to take a break from the every day problems we all deal with when it comes to the troubles our country and world are facing and like they say, ‘Laughter is THE BEST MEDICINE!’ We hope you enjoy!


An old cowboy walks into a bar. A woman comes up to him and asks, “Excuse me sir, but are you a real cowboy?”

“That I am, ma’am,” he says. “When I wake up in the morning, I’m thinking about my cattle. When I’m eating my breakfast and listening to the radio, I’m thinking about my cattle. When I’m cooking dinner out on the range, I’m thinking about my cattle, and when I’m asleep, I dream about my cattle. I reckon I’m about as close to a ‘real cowboy’ as they come. What about you, ma’am? What do you do for a living?”

“Well, believe it or not,” she says, “I’m a lesbian pornstar.”

“Huh,” he says. “And are you a real lesbian?”

“That I am, sir,” she says. “When I wake up in the morning, I’m thinking about women. When I’m taking my shower and doing my nails, I’m thinking about women. When I’m watching TV at night, I’m thinking about women, and when I’m asleep, I dream about women. I reckon I’m just as much a ‘real lesbian’ as you are a ‘real cowboy.’ “

“Well, to be honest,” the cowboy replies. “I’ve always told everyone I’m a real cowboy, but hearing you talk now, I’m starting to think I might actually be a lesbian.”


Lol! Now that’s some funny stuff right there I tell you!

(h/t QuelqueChoseRose at Reddit)

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