Crazy Democrat Says Global Warming Will Force Women To Do THIS!


She’s lost her mind…


Over the years we have been forced to deal with the liberal loonies like never before! We all know that these people are, for the most part completely INSANE!

One of the most important issues for liberals is GLOBAL WARMING. Never mind ISIS or Iran developing nukes or trading 5 all star terrorists for a sleezebag. No, GLOBAL WARMING is the most important issue for these morons! They even hold Global Warming conferences where they all fly in their jets (pollution) and meet in resorts to discuss the problems of global warming, carbon pollution and whatever.

The latest concern over global warming comes from House Democrat Barbara Lee (D- Calif.) and this woman has lost her fricking mind! Talk about fear mongering! This one takes the cake!

This global warming freak has proposed a resolution that ‘saves women from trading sex during global warming saying they will need to trade sex for food and water…’ Say what? LOL these people are crazy!

The Blaze reports:

A senior House Democrat has once again issued an apocalyptic warning that climate change will hit women harder than men, and that it could drive millions of poor women to engage in “transactional sex” in order to provide food and water for their families.

Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.) proposed a resolution on Wednesday that said as the climate changes, it will cause food and water scarcity around the world. That will create pressures on poor women in particular, since they are often charged with growing food and collecting water for their families.

As resources dwindle, it could force many women to barter sexual favors for food and water, the resolution stated.

“[F]ood insecure women with limited socioeconomic resources may be vulnerable to situations such as sex work, transactional sex, and early marriage that put them at risk for HIV, STIs, unplanned pregnancy, and poor reproductive health,” it read.

Again, these people are insane. And by the way, it’s simply weather. Nothing more-nothing less you morons…

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