Sassy Liberty Puts Crazy Racist Broad On Blast When She Attacks This Iconic Piece Of American History


In what has to be the most irrational and insane displays I have ever seen a woman named Ybia Anderson goes on a hysterical tirade at the Highland Creek Heritage Festival Car Show in Toronto, Canada.

A replica of the “General Lee” from the classic 1980s television series, the Dukes of Hazard was on display.  Anderson proceeded to have a hysterical tirade upon seeing the Confederate flags on the vehicle.


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She took it upon herself to lecture another person of color, attempting to bully them and tell them how they are “supposed” to feel.  Then she dismissed factual information out of hand simply because the person delivering it to her was a “white male” and according to her apparently had no right to speak.


If one speaks factually and intelligently? Then your shade of melanin has no bearing.

Perhaps she should start with learning some history.  The flag she was railing against was not even the flag of the Confederacy. It is actually a battle flag of the Northern Virginia regiment or of Tennessee depending on whether it is square or rectangular in shape.  Slavery existed under the American flag far longer than it ever did under ANY flag that flew in the South.


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Apparently, this Canadian woman was more interested in playing the victim and speaking out of turn about a topic she clearly had no knowledge of nor any interest in gaining any knowledge of.  She just got her knickers in a knot and wanted her way and she wanted it YESTERDAY!

She simply wants to pander to political correctness and revisionism.  If the Confederacy was so very racist as this woman proclaims? Why were states that remained in the union such as Missouri, Maryland, Delaware, and Kentucky just to name a few allowed to keep their slaves until the end of the war?

Read the Emancipation Proclamation – it is in there. Why in Lincoln’s own inaugural address and his letters to Horace Greeley did he say he did not care about freeing a single slave? It was simply about the preservation of the union and losing the cash cow that was the South. See the Tariffs of Abomination for reference. 

You keep believing that lie though Ybia Anderson and having your little emotional breakdowns about things that never happened to you & no one alive today ever was responsible for. 

Meanwhile, human trafficking is an ongoing issue and these folks don’t say boo about that. Cease playing the victim. It has grown tired! A great many men and women of color have accomplished incredible things because the chose to do so – see Dr. Mildred Jefferson, Dr. Thomas Sowell, Allen West, Ida B. Wells, Morgan Freeman, Frederick Douglass, and many others.


This could quite possibly be the most triggered liberal in history…verbally  abusing and bullying all that came into contact with her, labeling them “racists.”

Of course, the best part has been watching the fallout after her constant demand on her video of wanting the car removed “WITHIN THE HOUR!!!!!!” and that “THERE WILL BE HELL TO PAY!!!!!!”

The car was not removed though Highland Creek Heritage Festival did issue an apology of sorts as they meant no offense of any sort.  They are a business trying to make money and provide entertainment for the good people of Toronto and this woman attempted to turn that into a fiasco.

Please go to their Facebook page and show your support or contact them and do the same.  Their address is 364 Old Kingston Road Toronto, Ontario and their phone number is  416-286-6522.

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