Cross Removed From Church After Protests From Muslims…



Before we begin we want to wish you a happy Easter or as I prefer to say- RESSURRECTION DAY.


Christ shed his blood and promised us all eternal life if we believe in him.

I know some of you think it’s a fairy tale or simply don’t believe but EVERYTHING that was said in the Bible is proving to be truth.

It’s astonishingly accurate and I encourage you to read the Revelations which predicts what we are witnessing today.

I know you don’t want a lecture about religion and frankly I am not exactly the right person to preach the word- but I just did anyways!

I encourage you to accept the lord into your heart.

Okay, to the story.

If your “religion” is challenged by an inanimate object, it can’t be very strong. Isn’t the message of the Islamic faith about peace and tolerance? Well at least that’s we’ve been told by many but the actions of protesters in Malaysia show me that not all feel this way.

Pamela Geller reports:

On Sunday a group of 50 Muslims gathered outside the church to protest against the cross displayed on the building, claiming that it challenged Islam. The group demanded the church take down the cross. It was removed at around 2pm on the same day, and now City council officers have classified the church in Taman Medan as “illegal.”

Some residents of Taman Medan in Petaling Jaya deem the presence of a cross on a shophouse building near their homes as ‘challenging Islam’ and a possible influence on their youths. About 50 residents gathered outside a new church in Taman Medan, Petaling Jaya today to demand that the cross affixed to the house of worship be removed as it was “challenging Islam” -The Star Online reported

A village leader later pacified the group and spoke with the church’s priest on their behalf and a few hours later the cross was taken down.

I am now left to wonder how these Christians who disassociate their churches from the cross, what symbol do they use as the symbol of their church? The answer is simple in my eyes, you don’t have to have a cross or a symbol when you have faith.

This is a story that we are seeing and hearing about across the globe on different levels, no violence broke out here but I wonder if they had refused to remove the cross what would have happened.

I stress again that if the “moderate” Muslims want the rest of the free world to see their religion in the same light as they do, now more than ever is the time to speak out! Not just a few of them but all of them.

The actions of the extremists are spreading at an alarming rate and the world is seeing their true identity.

The national religion in Malaysia is Islam, so it becomes supreme since the law of that land has made it so with the head of their religion being the Sultan of Malaysia.

A convert to Christianity in this country has to keep his or her identity a secret for fear of being ostracized.

America needs GOD more than ever.

Pray for our country.


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