Watch As Pence DEMOLISHES Democommies And CRT At New Hampshire GOP Dinner- This Is EPIC!

“We The People” have tolerated and allowed our nation to turn upside down as these ludicrous experiments are going on.  No, that is not racist, it is fact and it does not matter if a person can handle the truth or not, it is what it is.

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is nothing more than mental child abuse and those who re endorsing it as well as those who are pushing for it, every damn one of them needs charged and detained for child abuse.  Children need to be taught to be selfless, respectful, manners as well as non judgmental over skin color or race. To hit just a few key points in regards to educating children, the days of the temper tantrums and demands and watching adults bow to the demands of children need to be OVER.


Under President Joe Biden’s administration, patriotic education has been replaced with political indoctrination, former Vice President Mike Pence said, Breitbart reports.

“And maybe the most troubling developments with families in the past few months has been the Biden administration’s whole-hearted embrace on the radical left’s all-encompassing assault on American culture and values,” he said during a speech at the annual Lincoln-Reagan Dinner hosted by the Hillsborough County Republicans in Manchester, New Hampshire.

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Pence continued:


Under the Biden administration, patriotic education has been replaced with political indoctrination. They abolished our 1776 Commission and authorized teaching Critical Race Theory in our schools. Instead of teaching all of our children, regardless of race or creed or color to be proud of their country, Critical Race Theory teaches children as young as kindergarten to be ashamed of their skin color. Well let me say, as my friend, Tim Scott said, with great effect on the national stage not long ago, America is not a racist country.


“It’s past time for America to discard the left-wing myth of systemic racism. And I commend state legislatures all across the country and governors for banning Critical Race Theory from our schools,” he stated as the audience applauded.


Now while Pence IS saying what needs to be said, he simply is NOT the one people will listen too.  We all remember who betrayed former President Trump and why, red blooded Americans will never forget.

Pence is right of course, it is the Biden regime, who is controlled by the Obama regime, that is pushing this indoctrination to force white children to hate themselves and their skin color.  Who in their right mind would ever allow this!?!

In May, Republican Georgia gubernatorial candidate Vernon Jones pushed back against the teaching of Critical Race Theory in public schools, calling it “racism” and adding it should not be taught in schools because it is “being abused,” Breitbart News reported.

During the event Thursday evening, Pence explained, “Our founders said that we were to strive for a more perfect union, and so we have done throughout the long and storied history of this country.”

“And while we are not perfect yet, we ought to do justice to all the progress that has been made and recognize that the United States of America is the most just, noble, and inclusive nation that has ever existed on the face of the earth,” he concluded.

Right or wrong, Pence did unrepairable damage to his reputation when he turned his back on Trump, when Trump needed him the most.

Former Vice President Mike Pence Speaks at New Hampshire GOP Dinner
Former Vice President Mike Pence delivered remarks at the annual Lincoln-Reagan Dinner hosted by the Hillsborough County Republicans in Manchester, NH. The former vice president referred to the Republican party as the “party of the American agenda,” and said they are on the verge of a Republican comeback. Introducing Vice President Pence was New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu (R)


Our nation needs leaders that are not willing to play the political game, because the game itself is corrupt and deadly.  We need politicians with honor, valor, integrity, selflessness and most importantly, politicians that desire to serve the very people who legally elected them and cannot be bought off or blackmailed.

We have a better chance of cartoon characters coming to life and saving our nation than ever finding a politician that has the citizens best interests in mind.  THAT is what people need to understand because that will lead to the real awakening, where “We The People” can unite together and start to heal our nation and clean the deep state swamp out.


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