BREAKING: Ted Cruz Announces His Pick For The Most IMPORTANT Job In Government… Liberals BEWARE


During a weekend campaign stop in Alabama, Texas senator and GOP presidential candidate TED CRUZ revealed who he would want as the head of the Department of Homeland Security if he becomes president.

Cruz said he had “three words” for people questioning whether the southern border can be secured- “Secretary Jeff Sessions!”

And the Alabama patriots absolutely loved his choice, according to Yellowhammer News.

“We are going to deport criminal illegal aliens, we are going to pass Kate’s Law [mandatory minimum sentences for illegal immigrants who are deported but later return to the U.S.], we are going to end welfare benefits for those here illegally,” Cruz told a raucous crowd of over 1,300 Alabamians.


“For anyone who wonders, ‘Can we really secure the border?’ I’ve got three words for you: Secretary Jeff Sessions! You want to talk about a homeland security secretary who would go down and build the wall himself!”

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And Cruz will have Trump pay for it! That was one of my favorite lines in the last Republican debate.


The media and other candidates have pressed Cruz on the issue of immigration in numerous interviews over the past week, but Senator Sessions, whose credibility on the immigration issue is unquestioned among the conservative base, has repeatedly come to Cruz’s defense.

“One of the things you’ve been hearing about is criticism of Ted and what he did with regard to the massive immigration bill they tried to ram through in 2013,” Sessions told the crowd on Saturday. “Let me tell you, I was there every step of the way. Ted Cruz was on my side, he fought this legislation all the way through.”


Sessions voted against Obama’s Omnibus bill. He is one of the few members of congress that has brought up the importance of the security of our nation being related to immigration into the spotlight.

Cruz and Sessions have both led the fight against efforts to extend amnesty to illegal aliens that Obama has illegally granted these invaders.

Cruz and Sessions are on the same page when it comes to illegal aliens. We don’t want those cockroaches here. Democrats want them for votes. They don’t care about the safety of Americans. Look at how Obama is dealing with the Muslim threat here in America. It’s insane.

Look, I like Trump personally. I think Trump and Cruz would be an epic ticket. However, if Cruz ends up having the best chance of beating whatever Democrat scumbag is the front runner, I’ll back him all the way.

If another Democrat becomes POTUS we can kiss America goodbye forever. We need to unite and take America back from these sick liberals-period.


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