Cruz Supporters STUNNED Visiting His Website, NEVER Expected To See THIS

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Supporters for Sen. Ted Cruz, who recently announced he’s suspending his presidential campaign, are now in for quite a stunning surprise when they visit his website, and the reason for it remains unknown.

Whether it was online trolls who were able to purchase the domain name, Cruz supporters still livid over losing the primaries, or Hillary Clinton’s campaign is unknown, but someone was able to purchase the domain and they took his website down to put up a picture of Hillary captioned, “Next President of the United States of America!!!”

Check it out:

Cruz Supporters STUNNED Visiting His Website, NEVER Expected To See THIS

In all honesty, this reeks like the work of scorned Cruz supporters who have been saying that with Trump as the presumptive GOP nominee, Clinton is all but guaranteed the presidency. Plus, with just how irrational the senator’s supporters have been acting since he bowed out of the race, it wouldn’t be the least bit surprising if they were behind the prank.

Either way, it’s highly doubtful that their prediction will come true anyway, considering that Clinton is having a hard time beating a geriatric socialist who’s campaigning on just one or two issues, and the Trump Train continues to pick up momentum.

Time will tell what happens in November, but this much is true – Trump is the only candidate talking about putting America and her people first, and that’s a message that resonates with everyone.

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