DAMNING Photo Of Dallas Cop Killer Surfaces, What’s Around His Neck Says EVERYTHING

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Last night, a group of racist snipers opened fire on Dallas police officers who were protecting people’s First Amendment rights to peacefully assemble, and a photo of one of the suspects has surfaces that seems to explain exactly what his motivations were.

One of the suspects has been identified as 25-year-old Micah X. Johnson, who allegedly told police negotiators that he wanted to kill white police officers after becoming enraged at the deaths of two black men earlier in the week. Johnson was killed by police, but a look at a photo of him from a while back offers some insight into his beliefs, and it appears as if he’s held them for some time.

DAMNING Photo Of Dallas Cop Killer Surfaces, What’s Around His Neck Says EVERYTHING

The above photo is of Johnson standing with rapper Richard Griffin, also known as Professor Griff from the hip hop group Public Enemy. For those unaware, Public Enemy were pioneers in the rap industry, and their lyrics often held a strong, pro-black and anti-police stance, which seems to align rather well with Johnson’s own last words to police.

Also in the picture there’s something worth noting hanging around Johnson’s neck. He’s wearing a beaded necklace that has a pennant shaped as the symbol for “black power” – a clenched fist.

The raised, clenched fist became popular back in the 60s as a symbol of black supremacy and Black Nationalism, which was widely used by the racist, anti-police organization The Black Panther Party. It’s no coincidence that Johnson would wear such symbols, considering he openly admitted to the racist motivation behind his shooting rampage, but the picture shows that his beliefs weren’t anything new.

In fact, one would have to assume that he harbored such anti-white feelings for some time, especially considering that it’s highly unlikely that just two shootings by police were enough to send him over the edge, which means he had been harboring anti-white and anti-police feelings for some time. It just so happens that the events that transpired this week were enough to send him over the edge, and we all saw what happened as a result.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t just Johnson’s own racist views and apparently unstable personality that caused him to snap, it was a combination of things. We have a nation full of race baiters, led by our own president, who glorify criminals while demonizing cops, and they’re aided and abetted by the liberal media, who’s intent on framing police as racists while painting thugs as victims, as we’ve seen with numerous instances in recent years, starting with Trayvon Martin.

It’s that toxic ideology that led to Johnson and his three accomplices unloading a barrage of hell on innocent police officers protecting people’s rights, and until we eradicate it from our society, we’ll continue to face the very real danger that someone like Johnson could strike again.

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