DAMNING Video Of Bill Clinton’s Immigration Comments In 1996 Spells GREAT News For Trump


Donald Trump has come under fire from the left over his hardline position on immigration, even though most everyone in the nation believes we need a secure border. Well, those on the left are going to be eating their words after seeing a 1996 video of Bill Clinton speaking on that very topic, which shows just how far left the Democrat Party has gone ever since.

NumbersUSA, a group that’s opposed to the mass, open-borders style of immigration we’ve been seeing, compiled the video clips of Clinton’s comments, and he sounds almost exactly like Trump does now. During a State of the Union Address at the time, Clinton advocated for strong borders, stopping illegal immigration, and upholding the immigration laws already on the books.

Check it out:

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Below are the comparisons between Clinton’s comments then, and Trump’s comments now:

Bill Clinton: One of these areas is the problem of illegal immigration.

Donald Trump: We have to stop the in-flow of illegals coming into our country.


Clinton: This administration has taken a strong stand to stiffen the protection of our borders.

Trump: We will build a wall, it will do what it’s supposed to do, keep illegal immigrants out.

Clinton: We are increasing border controls by 50 percent.

Trump: We’re going to have a border, it’s going to be a real border… We have a country, we have to have borders

Clinton: We are increasing inspections to prevent the hiring of illegal immigrants and tonight I announce I will sign an Executive Order to deny Federal contracts to businesses that hire illegal immigrants.

Trump: You can be very, very strong. It can be a huge financial penalty, it can be beyond a financial penalty. You can do that with E-Verify. I’m for it.

Clinton: We should honor every legal immigrant here working hard to be a good citizen but we are also a nation of laws.

Trump: We have a country. We have to have laws. We either have a country or we don’t.

Yeah. It’s going to be rather tough for Hillary to debate Trump on this one, considering her husband wanted the same things Trump’s pushing for.

Too bad for her, she’s already taken a hard left turn, otherwise she could have used this in her favor by claiming that Trump was copying Bill. But since she’s already blasted Trump’s rhetoric in order to pander to her base, nobody would ever buy it if she tried to spin this one around.

Oh well. At least this election is going to be quite fun to watch.


God Bless.



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