BOOM! On Day ONE Of Presidency, Trump Going To Send CLEAR Message To Obama’s Appointments

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Donald Trump said he’s going to drain the swamp when he takes office, and recently revealed plans for his first day in office suggest that he plans to make good on his promise to the American people.

In the past, most people who held ambassador positions are party donors and other elites with ties to Washington power brokers, and Obama’s ambassador appointments were no different. Realizing this, President-elect Trump knows that they’re a part of the swamp we all resent, so he decided he’s going to send them a very clear message on the first day he’s in office – you’re fired.

Traditionally, ambassadors abroad are given ample time to make travel and lodging arrangements before their replacements arrive, but under the new sheriff they’ll be given no such luxuries. According to a report from the Daily Caller, Trump has ordered each and every one of Obama’s political appointments to step down and return home “on schedule,” in what would be a first for an incoming administration that will be rushing to fill the vacancies.

Trump made it clear he doesn’t want any one of Obama’s political appointees serving in his administration, and it’s evident he’s following through with it, although he insists it’s really not a case of “ill will.”

More from the Caller:

“When you have people out there whose only reason for being an ambassador is their political connection to the outgoing president of the different party, it’s pretty logical to say they should leave,” former ambassador to Algeria, Bahrain, and Afghanistan Ronald Newmann told the Times.

“But I don’t recollect there was ever a guillotine in January where it was just, ‘Everybody out of the pool immediately.’”

Other former ambassadors disagreed with Trump’s assertion that there is no ill will behind the decision. “It feels like there’s an element just of spite and payback in it,” former ambassador to Finland Derek Shearer said. “I don’t see a higher policy motive.”

Draining the swamp, indeed. What better way to start than to remove each and every political hack Obama put in place?

There isn’t one. Now let’s hope we see the same attitude as he purges radical ideologues from powerful positions throughout the government – the very ideologues that co-opted the EPA, FTC, and other business-stifling agencies.

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