Comrade de Blasio Demands A Parade Through New York In Honor Of Himself… This Is NOT A Joke


As any native New Yorker can tell you, nothing infuriates them more than people making the ALREADY HORRIFIC city even WORSE! And that is exactly what the ultra liberal, anti law enforcement scumbag Mayor de Blasio has done.

But de Blasio thinks he’s doing a fantastic job. He actually claims he’s running the city so well that “you’d assume they’d be having parades out in the streets” — and insisted he’d be more popular if it weren’t for “the time in history.”


“When I think about how crime’s gone down for four years, graduation rates up, test scores are up, more jobs than ever in our history — I think, ‘Wow, just that quick profile, any candidate anywhere would want it,’ ”  he said to New York magazine.

“You’d assume they’d be having parades out in the streets. But that’s not the time in history we’re living in,” he arrogantly added.

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Completing this poll grants you access to America's Freedom Fighters updates free of charge. You may opt out at anytime. You also agree to this site's Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. reports that de Blasio’s job approval rating plummeted over the summer to a 50 to 42 percent margin, according to a Quinnipiac University survey released in late July, 


New Yorkers are split — 46 percent to 46 percent — on whether he deserves a second term, the poll found.


The mayor admitted he had made “missteps” and had “insufficiencies as a communicator” — but said New Yorkers were simply taking out their frustrations with the current economic climate on their leaders.

“The Great Recession, specifically, but really the decades of people being economically stagnant, deeply affected people’s views, understandably,” de Blasio said. “And the increased cost of living around here.”

As for the investigations into his campaign fundraising, Hizzoner said “everyday New Yorkers” are far more concerned with the issues that affect their lives.

“Some political insiders, maybe they’ve come to certain conclusions,” he said. “But for everyday New Yorkers? They didn’t see anything wrong, and they’re right, because there wasn’t anything wrong.”

But the vast majority of New Yorker voters — 78 percent — believe he should raise his own money to pay for the lawyers who represented him during the probes — and not take the funds from taxpayers, the Quinnipiac survey found.

De Blasio initially said he would raise the $2 million to cover his legal bills, then announced in June he would have the city pay for it.

Typical liberal pile of garbage.

AMERICA’S FREEDOM FIGHTERS previously reported that New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has berated President Trump, the press, and his political opponents.  He has managed to alienate much of the New York City police department and behave as a typical leftist bully.  Yet a furious little 63-year-old Italian lady from Queens lit into de Blasio giving him a piece of her mind.

De Blasio was holding a press conference about a $16 million sidewalk recovery project on the fourth day of his “City Hall in Your Borough” swing through Queens.  The project is intended to fix city sidewalks that have been damaged by tree roots.

As he finished and left the podium, Vicky Paladino stopped her car, got out and proceeded to tear into de Blasio. According to the New York Post,  Paladino began yelling at de Blasio stating –

I want to know why you let your police officers down and our country down by going to Germany and protesting against our country. I want to know why you are doing that, OK? I don’t care about the trees. We’ll work it out. Find $18 million to put in your cops pockets, ok?

Paladino sent de Blasio packing as he beat feet back to his vehicle.  As he sped away in his SUV, Paladino spoke directly to reporters letting them know exactly how she felt about de Blasio and his Mayoral rule over New York City, stating –

I’ve had it with de Blasio, I’ve had it with the way he’s running the city…Our tax dollars paid for this mayor to go to Germany to protest against our country, ok? That $18 million that he wants to spend on trimming trees, let him put it in our police officers’ pockets. Let him take care of the police officer that was assassinated – that he chose that particular day, without telling a soul, that he was leaving to go to Germany. He ran away.

It’s time he starts to pay attention. This is a big show; this means nothing. He could have sent anybody here to tell us about our trees. Again, I’ve lived here for 63 years. De Blasio, be a mayor; don’t talk to me about trees, talk to me about protection of our city, of our citizens, and what you’re going to do for your police officers because you left them high and dry on more than one occasion. I can’t wait for election day. Buddy, you are out.

Bravo Ms. Paladino Bravo!


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