BREAKING: 10 DEAD In Massive CAR BOMBING- Here’s What We Know

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Raqqa  — Ten members of the Syrian Democratic Forces had been killed in a car bomb blast, south of Raqqa, a source told Qasioun News.

The source said in a statement that ten members of the Syrian Democratic Forces were killed in a booby-trapped vehicle explosion in Hishan Ibn Abdelalek neighborhood, south of the city of Raqqa.

Furthermore, the Islamic State-held “Amaq” agency claimed via its official Twitter account the responsibility for the car bomb blast, reporting that a suicide bomber who was driving a booby-trapped vehicle blew up himself near a gathering of Syrian Democratic Forces members in the area, Syria News reports.

Yesterday, Islamic State group launched a violent attack on the headquarters of the Syrian Democratic Forces in Abu al-Hays Street, east of Raqqa, killing six members of the SDF and an unidentified number of IS members.

In the last months, large numbers of Syrians ‎fled their homes to escape from the US-led coalition ‎airstrikes on terrorist headquarters in Raqqa and its countryside.

God Bless.

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