UNREAL: Anti-Trump Deborah Messing BUSTED… Check Out SICK Photo!


Hollywood actress has caused quite a bit of outrage after she posted a photo of her son online that amounts to child abuse, if we’re to use the standards set forth by the left.

Messing, a noted anti-Trump celebrity, was at a baseball game with her son when the National Anthem began to play. Reflecting the type of values being indoctrinated into his head at home, the boy asked her if he could sit during the Anthem, thus disrespecting the very country that allowed him and his mother to live such a privileged life that they were sitting in some of the most expensive seats in the park.


Below is the Instagram post:

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“Please stand for the Star Spangled Banner,” the announcer said.

“Mom, I want to sit down in protest,” he said to his mother. “Can we do that?”


“Yes, honey. We can do that,” she replied.

She added, “Whose crying? I’m not crying,” with the #BLM, in obvious reference to Black Lives Matter.

According to Western Journalism, her comments sparked outrage.

While Messing received support from many commenters who generally support the cause, even some individuals who expressed disillusionment about American society agreed with critics who found the national anthem protest inappropriate.

“Listen,” one Instagram user wrote, “there is no one that hates the state our country is in more than me, but sitting down is disrespectful to those who fought (and are fighting everyday) for you and your son’s rights — put things in context, there are other meaningful ways to make a difference.”

As The Daily Caller reported, Messing has a documented social media history of supporting the protests that began last season in the NFL when Colin Kaepernick, then a quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, began kneeling during the pre-game national anthem.

However, while we all know that such an act is blatantly disrespectful to our nation and those who fought and died for it, there may be a much larger issue at play here.

According to numerous thought leaders on the left, teaching your child hate, especially hatred of their protected classes, is, in fact, a form of child abuse. With that in mind, is it not also child abuse to teach your child hatred of the very country that that’s provided them with everything they could ever imagine?

Is it not child abuse to instill into your child beliefs that anyone who has views that are different than theirs are bad people in general?

I would say so. In fact, a notable parenting website has the following to say about the emotional abuse being inflicted on children by many on the left:

Emotional abuse can impair your child’s self-image, self-esteem and interfere with his ability to function adequately in society and with peers. Negativity in the home can impact your child’s academic success and ability to develop healthy, pro-social, and intimate long-term relationships.

I’d definitely say that teaching your child negative things about both our nation and their parents’ political opposition would fall into that category.

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