BREAKING: State Of Emergency DECLARED- Curfew In Effect- Here’s What We Know


All hell is breaking loose in Miami, Florida due to young people partying their as*es off during spring break.


Fights are breaking out, restaurants and other properties are being damaged.

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The situation is so bad that SWAT Teams and several local law enforcement officers have been deployed to control the out of control partying.

FOX News reports that the city is instituting an 8 p.m. curfew and declaring a state of emergency to try to get the horde of Spring Breakers who have flooded the area under control.

“Too many people are coming here right now,” Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber said at a press conference Saturday. “Our city in this area has become a tinder, and we can’t have a policy of simply hoping it’s not lit.”


The main strip, Ocean Avenue, which has been jam-packed with revelers for the past two months, stayed crowded Saturday night well past the 8 p.m. deadline despite the curfew.

Pretty crazy stuff. I’m glad I’m not there.

Here’s the official release from The City of Miami Beach:

Miami Beach Interim City Manager Raul J. Aguila has declared a State of Emergency throughout the City in light of the Miami Beach Police Department’s significant concerns relating to larger than expected spring break crowds.

In response to the emergency, and in order to safeguard the public health, safety, and welfare of residents and visitors, the Interim City Manager intends to immediately implement the following emergency measures:

  • Effective 8 p.m. tonight, a curfew shall be imposed in the area bounded by 5 Street on the south, 16 Street on the north, Pennsylvania Avenue on the west, and Ocean Drive on the east (the “High Impact Zone”).
  • Eastbound lanes on the Julia Tuttle Causeway shall be completely CLOSED to traffic from 9 p.m. through 6 a.m.
  • Eastbound lanes on the Venetian Causeway shall be completely CLOSED to traffic from 9 p.m. through 6 a.m., except to City residents.
  • Eastbound lanes on the MacArthur Causeway shall be CLOSED to traffic from 9 p.m. through 6 a.m., except to City residents, guests of hotels in the City, and employees of business establishments in the City.
  • Effective 8 p.m. tonight, Ocean Drive shall be CLOSED to pedestrian and vehicular traffic, except to City residents, guests of hotels in the City, and employees of business establishments. Other public roads within the High Impact Zone may be closed as deemed necessary by the Interim City Manager or Chief of Police.
  • All sidewalk café operations including expanded outdoor restaurant seating shall be SUSPENDED in the High Impact Zone, effective 7 p.m. tonight (pursuant to the City’s High Impact Ordinance), and all sidewalk café operators are directed to stack or remove tables and chairs no later than 8 p.m. tonight.
  • Restaurants in the High Impact Zone can remain open until 12 a.m. for delivery services only.
The City strongly urges all businesses in the High Impact Zone to close voluntarily during the State of Emergency.

The Mayor has called an emergency meeting of the City Commission tomorrow, March 21, 2021 at 3 p.m. to discuss and take action with regard to the Declaration of a State of Emergency. Please click the following link to join the webinar: The Webinar ID is 813 9285 7671.

This Declaration of a State of Emergency and the measures set forth are separate from and in addition to the emergency measures currently in effect related to the COVID-19 pandemic. The foregoing measures shall be in place for a period of up to 72 hours, unless determined otherwise by the Mayor and City Commission.

Stay connected with Miami Beach PD on Twitter and Facebook. To receive real-time traffic text messages, send a message to MBTraffic at 888777.

Check this out:

As far as following any COVID guidelines you can throw those out the window.

These kids are going to party until they drop and there really isn’t much that can be done.

Miami Beach police spokesman Ernesto Rodriguez said that the city has made over 900 arrests in February and March. The city recently called in reinforcements from Miami to add more police presence to the streets.

Other cities in Florida have also cracked down on Spring Breakers. Fort Lauderdale said it is increasing police patrols following a shooting and other violent incidents.

Miami Beach’s City Commission is meeting Sunday at 3 p.m. to discuss the curfew and other measures to crack down on rowdy Spring Breakers.

All we can do is to wish everybody the best and hope that everyone stays safe.

Have fun!

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God Bless.

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