Every day since January 6th 2021, we have heard the stories about the people who walked into the capital building, and some who forced their way in. We’ve all seen the videos of the morons destroying the windows and other property. Now we’re hearing from some of the elected representatives who were there in the building as to what they experienced.





Now no one here would ever accuse Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, aka AOC, of being the best source of information for any subject. However, she’s been on the her social media accounts daily telling her version of the truth about the world.


Well this time we caught AOC in the act of blatantly lying AGAIN! AOC in a recent Instagram live video tried to tell her worshipers, aka voters and fans, about her experiences on January 6th 2021.


Seen here in a recent tweet, AOC was using her sheeple to push her radical agendas and lies to further demonize anyone who thinks differently from her and her communist groupies!

AOC has always been known in the media as the far left, and always pushed her radical ideas when she could. Like her Green new deal proposal. Her idea to try to eliminate cows to reduce methane gasses from exceeding what she perceives as dangerous levels.


Her other attacks had been aimed at her colleagues such as Senator Ted Cruz from the great state of Texas. Ocasio-Cortez berated the good senator for weeks on end calling for him to resign over the events of January 6th. She doubled down on those calls for resigning, and began accusing Senator Cruz of attempted murder, and “leading the people to destroy democracy.”



Little coo coo Cortez has been on her social media rampage for some time now. It was only a week ago where she stated she didn’t attend sleepy Joe and the hoe’s inauguration ceremony because “she didn’t feel safe being in the same area as a republican, because she feared for her life.”


I know many of you dear readers are starting to see the patterns here and open your eyes. AOC here is acting like the really crazy girl you thought was cute and took out on a date or two, but it just didn’t work out. So when you tried to break it off, she started calling you names, and threatening to tell people lies about you. Or maybe some of you have dealt with crazy ex girlfriends/wives, or boyfriends/husband’s who have acted this way.

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Either way, AOC is clearly a pathological liar, who is attempting to gas light her opponents, while pouring extreme fire and rage into her supporters. This is incredibly dangerous and concerning.


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God Bless.


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