Dem Lawmakers SPIT IN THE FACES Of AMERICANS During Moment of Silence For Vegas Victims


In a truly disgusting act of reprehensible disrespect in the face of a national tragedy, at least two Democrats refused to participate in the moment of silence on the House floor on Monday evening.  

The moment was held to honor victims the recent shooting in Las Vegas.  Rather than acting with respect, these two chose to mark the horrific mass shooting in Las Vegas by grandstanding to gain attention for themselves and advance their own political ambitions.


Rep. Katherine Clark (MA-D) could be seen walking off of the Senate floor just after Speaker Paul Ryan (WI-R) called for the moment of silence just before 7:00 p.m. EST.

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Clark attempted to directly tie the massacre in Las Vegas to her her Republican counterparts in Congress who take money from the gun lobby, loudly proclaiming they have “blood on their hands.” All this without knowing the motive of the gunman or how and where he got all of his weapons.

“Moments of silence have become years of silence on an epidemic that kills thousands. We weren’t sent to Congress for our thoughts & prayers.”


Rep. Seth Moulton (MA-D) also refused to participate in the moment of respect for the injured and the dead even going so far as to broadcast his intentional disrespect on Twitter. He called the moment of silence “an excuse for inaction.”

He stated that “Now is not a moment for silence; it’s a time for action.” Moulton is himself a former Marine Corps infantry platoon commander who served four tours in Iraq and should frankly know better. He also chose to not participate in a moment of silence after the June 2016 mass shooting at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando.

Mouton attempted to politicize the tragedy via a Facebook video as one of the voices on the left never letting a good tragedy go to waste in calls for further erosion of American freedoms and liberties with gun control measures to be introduced, stating –

“As someone who’s seen the effects of gun violence firsthand at war, my heart goes out to the victims and families in Las Vegas but now is not the time for silence — it’s a time for action. It’s a time for us to finally come together as Americans and actually do something about this scourge of violence that uniquely effects Americans. We can protect the Second Amendment, we can protect our constitutional rights, and we can still do something about this public health crisis that is gun violence in our communities. These guns have no business in our schools, on our streets, or at concerts. 

I will not be standing with my colleagues in a moment of silence that just becomes an excuse for inaction in the House of Representatives today. I will work to do something about this problem so that it doesn’t happen again. 

I don’t know how many innocent Americans have to die before Republican leadership has the courage to have a debate about this not even to vote for it, I’m just saying to have a debate. How many more Americans need to die, Mr. Speaker, before you do your job?”

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HEY, Knuckleheads! A moment of silence is not an “excuse” for anything and choosing to honor the victims of a horrific attack such as the Vegas shooting and their loved ones does NOT mean you have to be silent about gun violence.

When you call for disarming the general populace, you are saying that only cops should have guns. Those of you yelling about how guns allowed this madman in Vegas to take the maximum amount of lives….just how short is your memory? How many lives were taken at Arianna Grande’s concert not too long ago? How many in France or the UK with a car? Do you people even THINK before you speak?

Lest you gun grabbers forget….

A bunch of goat herders with AKs and even old bolt-action rifles and some grenades have pretty much held their own against the world’s last superpower for the last 16 years. Various & sundry insurgent groups around the planet such as the IRA, the Basque separatists in Spain, the Tamil guerrillas in Sri Lanka & yes even the Viet Cong — have been doing the same for generations.

& NO this is not an ode of support but a reminder of what is necessary. Those who love peace must diligently prepare for war….

Tell me again about how we need to disarm….

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