Democrat Candidate Gets SLAMMED By Her Republican Opponent


Democrats believe that providing places to shoot heroin, smoke crack and meth and whatever other drugs they do is a great thing- it doesn’t matter that tax payers are footing the bill.

It’s absurd to say the least.

Some dems want to release hard core criminals from prison including murderers to empty out the prisons- probably to make room for those of us who are American loving patriots who disagree with the way our country is headed.


The midterms are coming up and this is the time to begin taking our country back from these Communists.

It is imperative that we win as many of these races as possible in order to take over the House and Senate.

Sandy Ravage at The GOP Times reports that the Republican candidate in Maine’s competitive gubernatorial races is slamming his Democratic opponent for supporting the distribution of free crack pipes to addicts. The gubernatorial candidate argues that the state’s so-called harm reduction facilities are fueling crime.

The attack started during former governor Paul LePage’s campaign speech Wednesday, in which the former Republican governor criticized his successor, Janet Mills (D.). Mills promotes Maine Access Points, a taxpayer-funded harm reduction group that in July. The same facility that provided a dozen free crack pipes to a Washington Free Beacon reporter.


Democratic candidate Mills’s drug policies, LePage claims, have contributed to a violent crime spike. The spike in violent crime has seen shootings in Portland more than double since last year.

“Think about it: When you hand out free crack pipes, there is something that goes into it,” said LePage. “That something is illegal, dangerous, and it fuels—let me repeat—it fuels out-of-control crime. Janet Mills is literally fueling Maine’s crime epidemic.”

Mills has supported the harm reduction initiatives and launched a program in 2020, Overdose Prevention Through Intensive Outreach, Naloxone, and Safety, that directs drug users to Maine Access Points to “get the supplies you need to use safely.”

LePage noted that Maine Access Points only received $14,915 in government grants in 2018, the last year of his two-term run as governor. Yet funds jumped to $716,073 in 2019 after Mills took office.

That’s a hell of a jump!

Mills’s support for harm reduction initiatives has come amid a surge in crime in Maine. Police in Portland, the state’s largest city, said they responded to 42 shootings this year as of Sept. 9. This is more than double last year’s total. Portland had five shootings in one week just this month.

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