JUST IN: Democrat Who TRASHED Dead Veteran’s Wife Last Night Just Got The WORST NEWS OF HIS LIFE


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If the Democrats weren’t in death throes before last night they certainly are now. The party of ‘yes we can’ has officially become the party of ‘hate the troops.’  Some pundits have been discussing the various unprofessional gestures made by the Democrats that were sitting before Trump. But that’s not the full picture.

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This is a story about how depraved a political operative can be. It’s also a story about the types of people Hillary Clinton surrounded herself with. Meet Dan Grilo:


I didn’t believe it when I saw this.  In all honesty, I thought it was a fake account. Then I confirmed it wasn’t.  This was his real account.  The operative word is in the past tense because he deleted it.  He screwed up so bad that he couldn’t simply delete the tweet, he had to delete his entire account. His career too, most likely. There is proof that this tweet is real–thankfully the internet is forever and archive sites captured the tweet before Grilo realized his fatal flaw.


At the time of this writing, Grilo has been released from his primary employer Liberty Advisor Group.  The Group issued this statement:

Last night during President Trump’s speech, a Liberty Advisor Group employee sent out an offensive and inappropriate tweet regarding the Gold Star family that was being rightly honored before Congress and the Nation. The personal views of this individual do not represent Liberty and we vigorously disavow them. Although the message and subsequent apologies were sent from an individual’s personal account, and bore no connection to his work with Liberty, his comments were inconsistent with the Company’s values and the unyielding respect it has for the members of our Nation’s Armed Forces.  Regardless of whether the comments in the tweet were intended to cause the hurt and anger that they ultimately generated, they were unacceptable to us, and the individual who issued the tweet is no longer affiliated with Liberty.

It’s not often that you get witness the permanent death of someone’s political career.  It’s a horrifying sight, but a rather rare one.  You can really do a lot of damage to your reputation.  People can mysteriously vanished around you, you can have affairs, you can lie repeatedly — you can pretty much do anything so long as you give a half-hearted apology and own your mistakes.  There are some pretty incredible political comeback stories.  Some would argue Trump is the perfect paradigm of such a tale.  But such discussions are for another time.

Despite what anyone tells you about the puritan nature of Americans they’re pretty darn forgiving.  That is until you literally mock the widow of a slain navy seal and call her an idiot for applauding and weeping for her fallen husband.  That’s what Dan Grilo did.

There are some people that are trying to protect him now. They say “it’s just the internet so don’t ruin his career over a stupid statement.”

What does that even mean?  Words are words. Intentions are intentions. What Grilo said is unforgivable.

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