BREAKING: Democrats Distance Themselves From Obama As MAJOR LEAK Ends His Legacy… He’s Finished


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Under President Obama The CIA Infiltrated The 2012 Elections

These Same Elements Are Possibly Responsible For The Subversion Currently Being Waged Against Trump.

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A new leak has sprung from the deep well of the deep state, according to Wikileaks.  This one is bad news for former President Obama. It seems that the intelligence arm of the former regime was orchestrating a major plot to interfere with the elections of a close ally: France.  So, move over Angela Merkel, there’s a new righteous indignation swelling in the underbelly of European politics.

Let’s talk about electioneering and the corrupt practice of espionage.  All around the world, if nations are being honest, intelligence arms of various regimes are dipping their fingers into the elections of their enemies and their allies alike. It’s just a fact.  Angela Merkel may have feigned indignant outrage in response to her phone being wiretapped but that isn’t because she was shocked that Americans had done it.  She was embarrassed that her own people were too incompetent to stop it.  A diplomat can’t say that publicly, though you can be assured that she is quite aware that the game she is playing is a blood-sport and everyone on the playing field knows it.  Unfortunately, sooner or later, a bloodsport requires a blood sacrifice. 

Jefferson called this the refreshing of the liberty tree and in his opinion, such a pruning would require the blood of both patriots and tyrants.  The greatest political minds understood that the perseverance and preservation of the moral world depends on the actions taken by those willing to wade into waters of amorality.


But the American people do not and liberals are the worst among them.  The American people just don’t get it — neither do the foreigners that live in the various socialist states of the European Union, but who cares about them? This is an article about America and for Americans.  This is a story that will enlighten you but only if you allow it.  It’s uncomfortable because that’s just how world is and there’s nothing that can change it.  Most of all, this is a story for people that watched Star Wars or read Harry Potter — the type of people that think good and evil is some rigidly defined and easily observable quality, like the bad guys that shoot red and the good guys that shoot green.  Well for liberals this will be particularly difficult since this is a tale of the intrusion of the Obama Administration into the election of a close ally, France.  For conservatives like myself, it’s just another confirmation of something we had already held to be true.  All nations have spies.  All men lie.

This is a story about the Intelligence Community of America. About the choices they make abroad that help us be the great nation that we are.  But it is also a dire warning to my patriotic friends — one that needs to be heard above all else. They might do this abroad, but at the cost of our own lives we cannot allow them to do this to our homeland.  We cannot allow them to do this to our newly elected President.

The story is briefer than the intro, and like all fully developed tales it begins with the usual questions: who, what, when, where, and why. In a series of cryptic tweets, Wikileaks prompted the world with what was to come. But while the world might not be ready, Americans must be.  So let’s look at Vault 7:

When these tweets first dropped people were losing their minds. Vault 7 is ostensibly a seed bank — hidden in the deep north where hardly anything can live, seeds from all over are allegedly held and preserved from a potential apocalypse.  There are thousands of such vaults around the world.  Allegedly, Vault number 7 was to be the reserve of the reserve.  And true to its reputation, it does seem to hold some seeds.  It also seems to hold a pretty dark secret.  

From the best observations, following today’s CIA leak, it’s beginning to look like Vault 7 is some form of deep-cover CIA operation that coordinates with other members of the Anglosphere in order to infiltrate and subvert the elections of foreign nations.  It might have to do with the physical location of the seed vault.  It might refer to the FBI’s vault of information. So far, we only know of what happened in France.  

But it’s beginning to look like Julian Assange is in a very difficult position and might soon be jailed — the Ecuadorian election is this Sunday and the opposition parties are both pledging to turn him over.  If anything is certain — and little is in this world that’s too much with us — more leaks are on the way.  Here’s what we know about the CIA’s involvement in the French elections of 2012.

Wikileaks released a memo today indicated that they had conclusive evidence of American espionage in France within their latest leak:

The espionage order for “Non Ruling Political Parties and Candidates Strategic Election Plans” which targeted Francois Holland, Marine Le Pen and other opposition figures requires obtaining opposition parties’ strategies for the election; information on internal party dynamics and rising leaders; efforts to influence and implement political decisions; support from local government officials, government elites or business elites; views of the United States; efforts to reach out to other countries, including Germany, U.K., Libya, Israel, Palestine, Syria & Cote d’Ivoire; as well as information about party and candidate funding.
Significantly, two CIA opposition espionage tasks, “What policies do they promote to help boost France’s economic growth prospects?” and “What are their opinions on the German model of export-led growth?” resonate with a U.S. economic espionage order from the same year. That order requires obtaining details of every prospective French export contract or deal valued at $200m or more.
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The document leaked in the report has some heavy implications. It’s important to remember one thing: espionage keeps America on top, it saves American live abroad, and it helps us know if our friends are really our friends.  Trust is the dead man’s tool in diplomacy. A nation cannot be run as if foreign allies are happy neighbors.  When push comes to shove there is a reason that they are foreign — and it isn’t simply geographic. But in light of the recent leaks from the intelligence community to various media outlets, we have to ask whether or not the tools used to keep America safe are now being turned against us. And if they are, we have to start asking ourselves what we are going to do about it.  To quote our President, who truly has the toughest job in the world, “it has to stop.”

The Deep State and the Intelligence Community must behave like the powertools that they are.  A chainsaw that cuts off the arm of its owner after so many uses is recalled. Perhaps it’s time to purge and renew the bad elements. Regardless, for all the things Obama did while in office, I don’t care that he was monitoring foreigners. I do care that he might be encouraging those same intelligence agents to sow instability here.

We cannot fall for our own tricks. Stay vigilant.

This analysis draws from the reporting of the Daily Caller, RT, and MINA. Their original reports are provided for your convenience and further reading.


Note: We at America’s Freedom Fighters need YOUR help. The Mainstream Media relies on a network of ground affiliates to provide grassroots tips for investigative stories. If you are aware of a story or notice something odd that you think other Americans would take interest in please feel free to contact the author of this report at Brett.MacDonald@Aff.News

This article was written by Brett MacDonald, a political commentator, and an Eisenhower Republican. As an initial supporter of the New Right,  MacDonald covers US Policy from a Nationalist’s perspective and is dedicated to making America great again. 

Compliments or questions may be sent to @ TweetBrettMac. on Twitter or emailed to Brett.MacDonald@Aff.News.

God Bless.

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