Democrats THREATEN To SHUT DOWN Government For INSANE Reason- This Is Ridiculous

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Chuck “Chuckles” Schumer (D-N.Y) has issued a proclamation stating that the Democrats will not vote for the government funding bill scheduled for a vote next month if it includes any money for construction of a wall along the United States – Mexico border. The short-term funding measure is set to expire in April.

Chuckles made his demands in a speech on the Senate floor on Monday, stating –

That will not stand. It would be inappropriate in our judgment to insist on the inclusions of such funding in a must-pass appropriations bill that is needed by the Republican majority to avoid a government shutdown.”

Currently, Republicans have majorities in both the House and the Senate,  They have given no indication of what they plan to include in the funding bill that will allot funding for the remainder of the fiscal year. A few options have been floated such as supplemental military funding or additional money for building the border wall as proposed, but nothing has been finalized.


Chuckles is having a temper tantrum and screaming to have his way, telling all and sundry if border wall funding is included, it would constitute a “poison pill” and he will lead the Democrats in the vote against the bill.

Federal funding runs out on April 28. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Chuckles states –

The president wants a wall, but he hasn’t answered so many questions about it. What about eminent domain? What’s the design of the wall? Where is it going to be located? How is it going to be paid for and how much is it going to cost?

He then quoted President Trump’s campaign promise and then added –

“Don’t you think we should give time for Mexico to pay for the wall?”

Funding to keep the federal government running will run out on April 28, 2017, and the Republicans will need eight Democrats to support the spending bill if they hope to avoid a filibuster.

Democrats are reaching towards known dissenters from the party and gathering the usual suspects.  They sent a letter on Monday to Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) claiming they are interested in working with the GOP regarding the spending bill.  However, they put their threat in writing memorializing their plans to reject the bill if any border wall funding is included. They have no plans to compromise or work with anyone across the aisle – just a two-year-old toddler fit and seeking out the person that will coddle them and give them their way.

h/t – Washington Examiner

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