URGENT: Democrats Are Now Calling For President Trump To Be IMPEACHED- There’s Just ONE Huge Problem


In their usual toddler tantrum style, leftist progressive democrats exploded over the firing of FBI Director James B. Comey.

For some infantile reason, these crazy people think they are in a position to negotiate and are now laying out a list of demands.  These demands must be met before these loons will allow the President and Congress to return to their jobs and the business of running the nation.


Umm excuse me?  Did I miss the part where we agree to negotiate with terrorists?

A handful of liberal activists have raised the prospect of impeachment over an act that is well within the rights of the office of the president to do, forgetting apparently that this is hardly an unprecedented action when Bill Clinton himself did the same in the dismissal of William Sessions in 1993 the day before Vince Foster’s body was found.

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However, other democratic lawmakers have set their sights a little lower, content to pursue the non-existent Russian ties instead, claiming they want to at least preserve and protect the ongoing FBI probe into Trump campaign dealings with Russia – except there aren’t any and haven’t been any.

<<<eye roll>>>

They are claiming that the only reason Comey was fired was in a desperate attempt to stymie this preposterous Russian witchhunt while they ignore obvious ties to Russia with the likes of John Podesta and the Clintons. They are now demanding an independent prosecutor be named claiming they want all politics kept out of this.

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Senate Minority Leader Chuck “Chuckles” Schumer (Ny-D) weighed in, stating –

“All we are seeking is some assurance that the subject of this investigation is not able to influence it or, God forbid, quash it.”

President Trump minced no words when he spoke of the lengthy complaints about Comey yet now he’s some kind of martyred hero because of the Russia investigation.

President Trump called Chuckles Schumer out by name via Twitter as well for his part in this clown show surrounding Comey’s ouster from the FBI.

It’s ironic that the very same people who were screaming at the top of their lungs for Obama to #FireComey are now having an utter and complete meltdown over President Trump firing the disgraced FBI director.  The hypocrisy is truly astounding and on full display.

Freaking idiots.

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