Democrats Turn on Each Other As Voters Repudiate Their Gross Incompetence, de Blasio Finds Himself Under The Bus

It looks like the Democrats are finally starting to realize that riots, ideological based violence, looting and arson are not something that the American people want. How they thought that not doing everything in their power to stop such behavior was in their best interests is beyond me.

New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo is now blaming NYC’s horribly failed Mayor, Bill de Blasio, for the Democrats’ less than expected victories in this week’s elections


The New York Post, one of the most censored papers in the United States, reported:

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‘Gov. Andrew Cuomo blamed Mayor Bill de Blasio for the state Democratic Party’s down-ballot woes on Thursday, arguing that Hizzoner’s job performance provided Republicans with ammo in key Long Island and upstate races.


“The Democrats: there’ll be havoc like in New York City,” said Cuomo, mimicking a GOP mailer during a soft-ball interview with radio host Alan Chartock on upstate radio station WAMC.

“They ran de Blasio’s picture all over the state!” added the third-term governor. “They’ll turn New York State into New York City, looting and crime and homelessness, law and order!”


Cuomo’s remarks echo his own repeated attacks on de Blasio earlier this fall, where he too dubbed the Big Apple “dirty” riddled with a “homeless problem” and “rising crime.”

GOP state Senate candidates on Long Island and in the Hudson Valley frequently featured de Blasio — as well as Cuomo — in mailers during the closing weeks of the campaign.

Several Republican candidates have leads from the ballots tallied on Election Day, but hundreds of thousands more votes cast by mail have yet to be counted.

That didn’t stop Cuomo from whacking de Blasio for the Democratic messaging woes.

“I believe the Republicans beat the Democrats on the messaging. I think they branded Democrats as anti-law and order and that hurt Democrats…the Republicans did that successfully,” he told Chartock at another point.’

At the end of the day, I think when it comes to the roll of the government, the average American just wants to be left alone. America is still largely made up of proud, independent, good hearted men and women. As much as the left and their indoctrination camps (universities and many lower schools by nature of the teachers they hire) are trying to turn Americans against one another, into a group of ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’, it is not working … not just yet at least.

Call me crazy but I think the only way we are going to avoid the worst case scenario (political violence … much more widespread than just the cases we are seeing today) is if we have a serious talk about dissolving the United States of America into at least 4-6 smaller nations.

Nearly 400 million people across thousands of miles is impossible to govern in the best interest of the majority of citizens. The North East and West coast, along with the sates around the Great Lakes have different values than the rest of the nation.

America was supposed to consist of a bunch different political experiments occurring side by side, in real time, where people could vote with their feet, allowing the best system of governance to prevail. Unfortunately, in 1913 the Constitution was Amended and Senators were no longer appointed by State legislatures. This ended up, IMHO, resulting in the most important check on the accumulation of the power by the federal government being abolished.

The rest is history. As Nicholas Cage’s character in National Treasure famously says:

Perhaps it’s time we go back to ‘the United States are.’

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God Bless.

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