If You Want To Destroy Liberals About DACA And Illegal Aliens… Just Show Them This


As Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced the end of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) created under the Obama administration, the left lost their collective minds. The bitterness of the left was palpable as they protested, screamed and yelled, ranted and raved, talking about how inhumane and cruel it was to visit the sins of the parents upon their children.

All the while white people are told that they should bear responsibility for the actions of their forefathers for slavery, an act that many of our ancestors are not even guilty of.  Those of us that did have ancestors that owned slaves? Well, they are long dead and those currently alive were never owned by anyone living today.  Yet, our history is destroyed, rewritten, erased in America’s version of the Bolshevik Revolution.


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Here I sit watching protester after protester after protester of the DACA claiming they are here to stay, that their futures are dying. The very name DACA — the first two words are DEFERRED ACTION implying a temporary solution.


Yet the question begs to be asked, what about MY KIDS’ future? You know the one that my grandparents, their ancestors, fought tooth and nail to give them when they came over the RIGHT way? When my grandfather chose to come first and work three jobs in an effort to save up the passage to send back to my grandmother to bring her over to the United States, what about their effort and sacrifice?  That sacrifice and hard work that was supposed to ensure my future and the future of my children through me.  That is what those blood, sweat, and tears were for! What about THAT legacy???

When these illegal aliens threw the laws of this country regarding immigration in the trash and their families treated our borders as they did not exist while using the resources this country affords at the expense of my family and others like mine – yet the children of these illegal immigrants are now claiming their futures are ending.

THAT future is STOLEN!

Their future is stolen from American children whose families MADE the sacrifices and did things CORRECTLY!  The left is demanding the future of my children and that of other American children in order to ensure the futures of children of people that broke our laws and have lived at our expense for years making our laws little more than words on paper.

Their future is ensured on the backs of elderly Americans who have worked hard all their lives forced by the American government to pay for medicare and social security and now forced to make decisions between food and medication.


Their future is ensured on the backs of our Veterans who have served this country with dignity and with honor.  Yet when it comes time for this country to serve them? Well, the left thinks illegal aliens that have broken our laws and lived at our expense deserve even MORE while our Vets go homeless, hungry, and without the medical care they need and were promised.

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Their future is ensured on the backs of AMERICAN children who get a subpar education at our expense because they have to also educate children who do not and will not learn English.  A future where American children will be given less opportunity, less money, and less education – American children that will have to work twice as hard to succeed all because illegal aliens flouted  U.S. immigration laws and some how they think THEIR children are owed something that they STOLE from American citizens.

We have been here before with this push for amnesty. Former president Ronald Reagan afforded amnesty to illegal aliens as well in the 1980s thinking it would resolve our issues. It was a short term solution with long term significant ramifications. It is WHY we have issues now! Make an example and deport them all — Reagan’s amnesty proves that all rewarding bad behavior does is create a larger and more significant problem down the road.

AMERICA’S FREEDOM FIGHTERS reported earlier that the largest abortion provider in America decided to weigh in on the Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals (DACA) in one of the largest displays of hypocrisy to date. In an email from President Cecile Richards, Planned Parenthood responded with “outrage” over the decision of the Trump administration to rescind DACA.


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