ALERT: This New SHOCKING Detail About Calif. Shooter’s Visa Confirms Our Worst Fears


There is a growing concern about the U.S.’s ‘vetting’ process for immigrants entering our country from the Middle East with many Americans fearful that terrorists are able to easily slip through the cracks.

President Obama and the liberals insist that NO terrorists can get past what they claim is a foolproof vetting process but we are witnessing this to be patently false.

We are learning that the San Bernardino terrorist Tashfeen Malik was issued a K-1 ‘fiancee visa’ as well as a green card in spite of the fact that she gave a fake Pakistani address on her application.

In fact, the address she gave doesn’t even exist! That is far from foolproof. It’s actually ridiculous as well as completely unacceptable.


As America’s Freedom Fighters reported a few days ago, her husband and co- terrorist, Syed Rizwan Farook reportedly had contact with people connected to at least two foreign terrorist organizations, the Al Qaeda-affiliated Nusra Front and the African extremist group Al-Shabaab, before the jihad couple opened fire in the San Bernardino office building.

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Islamic State radio also released a statement early Saturday saying two supporters of the terror group committed the atrocity in California, according to Reuters.

The report of Farook’s potential ties to terror groups and ISIS’ reported statement comes after Fox News confirmed that Malik, had pledged her allegiance to ISIS as the morning began Wednesday. She and her husband were killed hours later in a shootout with police just two miles away. Those developments confirmed the suspicions of many, and left it obvious, that Malik, at least, was driven by radical Islam.


Malik posted a statement of support for allegiance to ISIS leader and self-proclaimed “caliph” Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi on Facebook. The post was confirmed by an official of the social networking website. They said she posted the pledge just before she and Farook stormed a San Bernardino party for his co-workers before escaping.

The FBI released a picture of her Saturday morning.


Lovely isn’t she? 

How is it that this Jihad passed the Department of Homeland Security’s counter-terrorism screening?

We Americans are supposed to trust the DHS to keep us safe from ISIS terrorists entering with the 100’s of thousands of refugees when they can’t even catch someone who gave them a non existent address? They are completely incompetent and this tragic event in California is the result.

Patriots, we are big trouble if this is a sign of what to expect here in our country. Like I’ve said a million times- we don’t want to risk our safety as a nation by letting in refugees. There is absolutely no way to properly screen these people and Tashfeen Malik is all the proof we need.

(H/T Right Wing Tribune)

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