“Detained, But Ready To Mingle!” Meet GITMO’S Most Eligible Bachelor…



This is just bizarre. A Guantanamo Bay prisoner has an online dating profile. Lol.

Muhammad Rahim al-Afghani, who was believed at one time to have close ties to Usama bin Laden, has had the dating profile for over three years, according to his attorney, Carlos Warner.

Al-Afghani is looking for love on Match.com from the confines of his prison camp, where he has been detained since 2007.

With the location set to ‘Guantanamo Bay’, his tag line reads, ‘detained but ready to mingle’ – and he gets matches every day.

The surprising news has emerged in a set of letters the ‘high-value’ prisoner sent to Warner this summer, seen by Daily Mail Online, in which he jokes about the Ashley Madison hack and his own experience in the field.

‘This is terrible news about Ashley Madison, please remove my profile immediately!!!’ al-Afghani jokes in a letter dated 21 July.

‘I’ll stick with Match.com even though you say it is for old people. There is no way I can do Tinder in here.’

Several letters were released from al-Afghani where he writes about his political views on the race for president.

He calls Donald Trump an idiot and racist and declares that Hillary Clinton can beat him. What a moron.

He writes, “At this rate Hillary has a chance.” Dude, don’t make me laugh.

And here the terrorist actually praises BRUCE JENNER! LOL!

In this next letter he talks about LeBron James and even stranger, he quotes a lyric from who he refers to as “the great Bret Michaels” from the rock band “POISON.’


Bro has good taste in music! ‘Every rose has it’s thorn’ is an all-time CLASSIC! 

And, like most criminals do he claims he is innocent in this letter. 



So, there it is. Inside the mind of a GITMO terrorist! I hope you enjoyed this- I found it fascinating lol!

(Photo credits/Al Jezeera)


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