Detroit Lions Player Gets ‘AWFUL’ News IMMEDIATELY After Flag Protest… Karma Hit HARD


Actions…meet consequences as Detroit Lions Defensive Tackle Akeem Spence is discovering. Spence was one of eight Detroit Lions players who took a knee while linking arms with most of the rest of their teammates and owner Martha Ford during the playing of the national anthem before Sunday’s loss to the Atlanta Falcons.

However, just after the game, Spence took to Twitter to reveal that his father who works as a contractor was denied a job on a new house because Spence chose to kneel during the National Anthem prior to the NFL game.



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Spence tweeted –

“Got some awful news from my father a contractor deny giving him a job on doing a house because of my peaceful protest #smh.”


As one man was quick to point out to Spence, “Sounds like the contractor made a peaceful protest of his own….”


Floyd Spence, Akeem’s father, has not responded to any requests from the media for an interview, nor has he released a statement of any sort.  Spence’s agent, Peter Schaffer, has stated that the elder Floyd simply wishes to maintain a low profile.

The eight Lions claim there was no disrespect intended but that they took the knee on Sunday in an effort to shine a light on what they perceive to be racial inequality.

Akeem Spence was one of eight Detroit Lions players who chose to kneel during the national

Spence stated emphatically that his taking a knee was “no disrespect to the American flag,” stating –

“It’s about right and wrong like I always say and what’s right is right and what’s wrong is wrong. It’s no offense to nobody, no disrespect, just like I always tell people, love one another and we’ll be alright.”

Despite the apparent cost to his father’s business and livelihood, Spence states that the Lions intend to meet this week in an effort to determine just what form their protests should take going forward. He is unsure if the team plans to protest this weekend in the upcoming game against the Vikings.


Spence states –

“But it’ll probably be something that continues just cause of what’s going on in our country, the injustice and everything like that.

It’s important. It’s an issue that we can’t turn a blind eye to. It’s something that needs to be talked about and something needs to be done about it. You just take – that was a major step, I’d say, when you have your owners, Jerry Jones and those guys coming out and just supporting their team. Now, it’s a light being shined on the injustice and everything going on.”

However, many other Americans do not see it quite that way. Many Americans want to simply state to those staging these protests – the field is not your platform. It is your work place – your office if you will.  Spence and his NFL counterparts are not saying anything, they are doing something.  That something is disrespecting those that have served – as Orwell states,
People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.”

If you want to address injustice and inequality? Go to your community, get involved.  Put your money where your mouth is.  Donate to a school, a jobs program that trains single mothers to help them get out of government housing and escape cyclical poverty.  Open a daycare center.  Sponsor adult literacy programs or GED programs.  There are a HOST of things many are doing every day in their efforts to fight inequality and they do it without the money and the platform afforded those playing a game for a living with the NFL.  Imagine how much YOU could do with it if you chose to actually ACT rather than simply #takeaknee.


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