DHS Just Humiliated Judges Across The Nation With EPIC Move- Liberals TICKED


According to a senior judge that presides on the 9th Circus….err I mean 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, judges are humiliated and dehumanized whenever they must enforce the nation’s immigration laws.

Apparently, the judge suffering from a dreaded case of black robe fever exclaimed his outrage after he was unable to block the repatriation of an illegal immigrant who has two drunk driving convictions along with his wife and three children.  Judge Stephen Reinhardt thinks illegal aliens deserve the same rights and considerations as legal American citizens.


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Judge Reinhardt states –


We are unable to prevent [Andres] Magana Ortiz’s removal, yet it is contrary to the values of this nation and its legal system. We are compelled to deny Mr. Magana Ortiz’s request for a stay of removal because we do not have the authority to grant it. We are not, however, compelled to find the government’s action, in this case, fair or just.…

The government’s decision to remove Magana Ortiz diminishes not only our country but our courts, which are supposedly dedicated to the pursuit of justice. Magana Ortiz and his family are in truth not the only victims. Among the others are judges who, forced to participate in such inhumane acts, suffer a loss of dignity and humanity as well. I concur as a judge, but as a citizen I do not.”



A Jimmy Carter appointee, Reinhardt is married to a former top leader in the ACLU and he takes issue with the authority of ordinary DHS agents to even enforce the law in the first place!  Reinhardt seems to think the black robe and gavel grants him godlike powers to legislate from the bench.

Reinhardt states –

On January 25, 2017, the President [Donald Trump] signed a series of executive orders dismantling the system of priorities that had previously guided Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Border Patrol in determining whom to deport. The orders also gave far greater authority to individual agents and officers, who are now removing non-citizens simply because they are here illegally, regardless of whether they have committed any offense. In light of the breadth of these orders and the lack of any apparent limit on agents’ discretion, the undocumented must now choose between going to work, school, hospitals, and even court, and the risk of being seized.

Let me repeat that.

“….now removing non-citizens simply because they are here illegally, regardless of whether they have committed any offense…”

Personally, I am failing to understand how the man can claim a Doctor of Jurisprudence yet not understand the concept of “ILLEGAL” when as a noncitizen the very act that they are here illegally in the FIRST place is an offense. That such a person is appointed to our Federal Court of Appeals should be disturbing to you as an American citizen in the extreme.

By contrast, newly appointed Supreme Court Justice  Neil Gorsuch has a much clearer and more Constitutional approach of his position, understanding that his job is to enforce the law not legislate from the bench.

Gorsuch stated in a 2013 award ceremony –

As my daughters remind me, donning a [judicial] robe doesn’t make me any smarter … It serves as a reminder of what’s expected of us—what [Irish philosopher Edmund] Burke called the “cold neutrality of an impartial judge.” It serves, too, as a reminder of the relatively modest station we’re meant to occupy in a democratic society. In other places, judges wear scarlet and ermine. Here, we’re told to buy our own plain black robes — and I can attest the standard choir outfit at the local uniform supply store is a good deal. Ours is a judiciary of honest black polyester.”

Regarding the current case involving President Trump’s travel ban is set to receive a ruling from the judges on the 9th Circuit soon. The ruling is expected to uphold a decision blocking Trump’s Executive Orders limiting the entry of people from six terror-prone Muslim countries. This particular decision is regarding a case originating in Hawaii where an Egyptian-born Islamic cleric claimed his constitutional rights were infringed by President Trump’s efforts to vet refugees and immigrants from certain areas with high occurrences of terrorism.

Former immigration judge, Andrew Arthur states that there is no doubt that the court’s decisions are politically motivated and politically biased. In Arthur’s writing about the court’s preliminary ruling in the Hawaii case –

“There is no ‘cold neutrality’ in the Ninth Circuit’s ruling. It is personal, visceral, and vindictive.”

Source- AFF 

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