BREAKING News From Dictator Biden- He Just Created A Task Force To Do THIS

With the Biden and Harris regime already on the march to shut down media that does not follow their agenda, using government and law enforcement agencies to go after citizens they deem as, “political extremists and white supremacy”, now they create a new department that focuses on “diversity”.

The dangerous precedence set by this, is that this can provide them with the means to target political figures as well as using the agencies to enforce their new policies.


Biden’s State Department announced Wednesday the creation of a new diversity officer position along with a council of deputy assistant secretaries from each of its bureaus devoted to the issue, Fox News reports.

“I am committed to bringing the diversity and inclusion work already underway at the State Department to the next level,” Secretary of State Antony Blinken said in a statement Wednesday. “To make that happen, I am pleased to announce the creation of a new Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer position at State.”

The new officer will “hold senior leadership accountable” for implementing new diversity and inclusion programs and report directly to Blinken, he said.

“Our diversity gives us a significant competitive advantage on the world stage,” he added. “This is something that the President, the Vice President, and I firmly believe.”

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Fox News continued:


Each State Department bureau has been asked to designate one of its deputy assistant secretaries to oversee their respective diversity and inclusion efforts.

“Each one of us has the power and the opportunity to help create a stronger, fairer workplace, where everyone can contribute their talents and ideas and everyone is treated with dignity and respect,” Blinken said. “That’s what this work is all about, and why we’re making it an early priority.”

Of course some will cheer such a division while others, might see it is a new task force used to remove any opposition.

Nobody really knows the power and authority this new division will truly have and what they will actually be able to do and to whom.

Fox closed with, The State Department had reinstated diversity training in late January, after the Trump administration shut down “critical race theory” training in September 2020.

The former administration had criticized programs that suggested the U.S. is an “inherently racist or evil country” as “divisive, anti-American propaganda” and a waste of taxpayers’ money.

While diversity is always a good thing, forcing diversity is clearly not and is in itself, forced racism and discrimination.

A wolf in sheep’s clothing, is still a wolf and getting people to focus on the left hand as well as cheering for the scraps all the while nobody is seeing what the other hand is wielding and the dangers they actually face.

Racism is ridiculous, by the democrats force feeding racism down citizens throats it is enforcing and creating more division, not healing a nation.

The irony in all of this, is that the democrats created the KKK and have been at the heart of true racism.  By providing scraps and shiny lights, they have made themselves look like they are doing good for citizens.


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God Bless.

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