Direct Link Between Liz Cheney And Hunter Biden EXPOSED


Liz Cheney is a freaking liberal pile of TRUMP HATING garbage and we are pleased that she is no longer a part of the Republican party.

Her role in the sham J6 UNSELECT Committee is the final nail in her coffin- or is it?

We know her political pathetic career is OVER!

She is DONE!


That’s great- the people have spoken.

But she has a new situation that she will have a hard time getting out of.

Apparently new damning evidence tying Cheney to Hunter Biden has emerged and she just might be looking at some major problems which many of us would love to see.

She’s a traitor and apparently involved with a scandal of sorts.

Like I said, there is a direct link between Cheney and CRACKHEAD Hunter Biden.

The link? Her husband and his law firm.

We Can Help You, Hunter


If you read anything I have written regarding Cheney, you know I despise this family.

They are deeply embedded in the establishment, of which Biden is also a member.

Party lines do not matter when it comes to the establishment, and this is proof of that.

Cheney’s husband, Philip Perry, is a stakeholder in the law firm Latham & Watkins.

Take a guess who is representing Hunter Biden with his tax problem?

That would be Chris Clark, a partner at Latham & Watkins.

There’s a conflict of interest right there.

Show Me The Money

This gets even more interesting in that attorneys that work for the firm have reportedly donated about $500,000 to Biden’s 2020 campaign.

Clark wrote a check for $3,800!

When you add this to the fact that the firm has also advised a Chinese Communist Party-linked technology company named TME and Exelon Corporation, a company dubbed “a tool of the Chinese government” by our State Department, well, you can see where I am going with this.

How can the husband of an elected member of Congress be in business with the Chinese government?

How can that same law firm defend the son of a president of the opposing party in a major tax investigation?

Need more?

Consider that in the six years that Cheney has been in office, her net worth has exploded by more than 600 PERCENT!

Investigate her!

Something tells me it should be Cheney being investigated by a Select Committee, not Donald Trump!

Cheney begged Democrats to switch parties to vote for her in the Primary and actually received campaign donations from former President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton elite donors.

Of course she has.

She’s trashing the GOP by trashing Trump and his supporters.

Reaching out to Democrats for help in the primary only made things worse for the doomed RINO with Republican voters and she got trounced on losing by the largest percentage ever.


It’s bad enough that Cheney joined the Democrats in their quest to take down Trump, and that’s why the committee was formed in the first place, but she joined the radical Democrats on the committee by lying, withholding, and altering “evidence,” something Republicans fully understand is a Democrat trait. Cheney’s career will end with her place on the committee being her last stand.

Cheney is a traitor and a RINO and she will not be missed.

She is a CORRUPT pile of garbage.

*Liz Cheney’s Connections To China’s Military & Illegal Spying On President Trump Blown Wide Open



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