Dirtbag DA Offers Plea Deal To ILLEGAL ALIEN Wife Beater To Avoid DEPORTATION In THIS State


In many court cases, like many of its kind immigration plays a factor where it clearly has no business doing so. Take a case currently in courts in California.

A woman immigrates from India and she is 8 months pregnant. Her husband is the CEO of a Silicon Valley startup company in California and he is also a US resident on a visa from India.


She records on audio a typical beating she gets from her husband.  Multiple physical blows can be heard on the audio and the typical blame game ensues as is typical in many abusers.

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Throughout the case, the typical abusive psychology and blame game is on display where the abuser blames the victim.

One such incident which resulted in the local postal delivery worker contacting the police. Rather than assisting the victim what does the Santa Clara assistant D.A. do in this case?


He arrogantly stated the victim’s “understanding of all the intricacies of the case are not as in depth as mine,” confirmed twice that the perpetrator’s “immigration status was a factor” in his getting a sweetheart deal from the prosecution in his case.

So he understands getting the ever loving crap kicked out of him on an in-depth basis? Or perhaps he NEEDS to GET acquainted with JUST that?

Rather than being charged as a violent felon, facing assault charges, REAL jail time, potential deportation, and perhaps being put into just the same said position that he put his wife into — you know the person he professed to love and cherish?? Yes, instead of all of that?  IN SPITE of overwhelming evidence in support of his crimes, he was pleaded down to “accessory after the fact.”

This sorry excuse for what passes for a man will NOT EVEN SPEND A MONTH IN JAIL!!!!!

Unless the presiding judge has a change of heart, that is! This story in and of it self is the poster advertisement for why sanctuary policies are bad, mmm’kay?


Sanctuary policies such as exist in California and Maryland protect serial wife beaters, rapists, and violent criminals. Prosecutors such as the one in question and his elected boss, Jeffery Rosen — should be recalled and forcibly removed from their jobs by the voters due to the danger the pose to the general public at large.


And somewhere out there, I hope some REAL men are reading this and are prepared to beat this man about the head, neck, and chest area so he can be shown how he needs to act around the fairer sex, ESPECIALLY when with child, since it’s CLEAR he does NOT know.

God Bless.

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