‘DISARM NYPD’ Wants To Take Officers’ Guns, Create ‘No-Cop Zones…’


This is a horrible idea…


Imagine a police force trying to enforce the law with James Taylor singing instead of carrying guns! Lol- That is a tad extreme but an anti-police group that calls itself “Disarm NYPD” wants to strip officers of their firearms and boot them from certain neighborhoods entirely!

Fox reports:

Disarm NYPD writes on its website that its aim is “combatting police violence through direct action in NYC and beyond.”

Instead of cops, the group wants to form what they call “conflict resolution bodies” made up of residents, attempting to make the police force obsolete.

Yeah, that will work out great! Do these people know that CRIMINALS CARRY GUNS? And if they don’t have guns they will beat you to a pulp with bats, knives, rocks or whatever they can get their hands on? 

The group is teaming up with the anti-police brutality group Copwatch to let officers know that they are being watched whenever they are patrolling communities of color, according to reports.

Watch the “Fox and Friends” clip below and let us know what you think about Disarm NYPD in the comments.


“We want to use these copwatch patrol units … to keep the pressure on [the police] so they can back up,” one member of Disarm NYPD said. “And when they back up, we want to try to fill that space with something that can create new, revolutionary potentials. And we’d like everyone to take part in that.”

Again, this is totally ridiculous. I will say this though- these people don’t seem to be racists like the others we have seen which is refreshing… 

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