BREAKING: We Just Made MASSIVE Discovery About Man Who LEAKED New Michael Brown Video- He STOLE $10,000!


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Con Artist Collects $10,000+ From Poor Blacks To Fund Fake Michael Brown Movie

Unless you’re the luckiest person in the world, you haven’t heard the news about the new Michael Brown “didn’t do nothin’ wrong” story being touted by liberal schmucks and evil Democrats.  But what you don’t know is that the man responsible has been trying to con the black residents of Ferguson for years.

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Michael Brown is a huge thug–huge in the sense that he was massive and intimidating and huge in the sense that the scope of his thuggery stretched far and wide.  Today, a protege of Michael Moore (a huge liar, but we don’t need to discuss those parameters here), is trying to once again convince the world that Michael Brown did nothing wrong. Hilarious! There are some massive holes in this con-artist’s story.

The con artist’s name is Jason Pollock.  Jason was one of the masterminds behind the wicked lie that almost saw an innocent cop, Darren Wilson, thrown in jail.  He helped proliferate the “hands up, don’t shoot” narrative.  I’ve taken the liberty of archiving every single one of Pollock’s tweets as well as any article that mentions both him and Michael Brown. They’re quite telling.


He tweeted this in July of 2016. Well AFTER the Hands Up Don’t Shoot narrative was busted. This isn’t just FAKE news. It’s a defamatory lie.

First thing that people should know about Pollock is that this has been a long con.  Back in 2015 he was running a campaign to divulge what he called “the truth” behind the shooting of Michael Brown.  Essentially, what Pollock wanted to do was create an entire documentary based around the “hands up, don’t shoot” narrative. In order to fund this project, Jason took payments on an Indiegogo account.  He collected $10,000+ dollars from the residents of Ferguson and other interested parties.


His Entire Movie Was A Scam

There isn’t any question now that Jason Pollock conned the people of Ferguson out of their hard earned money.  Many of these people were simply misinformed and trying to do go with what little they had.  They fell for the fake news story of all fake news stories.  There isn’t any debate on that matter either.  According to CNN, The Washington Post, Mediate, and Politico, Michael Brown never had his hands up and he never shouted don’t shoot.  It simply didn’t happen.  So how did Pollock portray the incident in his video?  Well, he never released the entire thing because the ugly lie it was built around blew right up in his equally ugly face before he got the chance.  But he did release a preview which he forgot about uploading and never disclosed.  The internet, however, never forgets.  Here is how little Jason presented his story:

Democrats And Liberals Never Left The Plantation. They Continue To Prey On Blacks.

If you though that Chuck Schumer had crocodile tears then you haven’t met Jason Pollock.  In order to raise money for his scam, Pollock took to Facebook and brought out the waterworks. We’ve saved the video but you can watch it for yourself until he’s smart enough to pull it down.  Then we will put it back up.  In the video it’s brutally obvious that Pollock was practicing his crying face and was using it to raise money.  This has been his long con all along.  This guy is an animal, he’s worthless to humanity, and he’s taking advantage of people that have bought his story hook, line and sinker.  He is the worst type of person — the type that preys on people and makes them pay for misinformation.  Jason Pollock is the type of person that creates the cycle of violence in the communities he pretends to save.  He is a parasite.

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