DISGUSTING! Liberals Want To Teach Your Preschooler THIS… Spread This EVERYWHERE


Absolutely, horrifically wrong!

Think back to your days as a preschooler and prepare to be horrified. The globalists at The Guardian report that “experts” are now advocating that preschoolers as young as 3 are taught about sexual relations–perhaps even during preschool!


Allegedly, in the twisted mind of the criminal liberal, adults have no idea how to have sex–let alone safe sex:


Young adults receive only 20% of information about fertility from official sources and often do not learn about their reproductive health until they are trying to conceive, it was revealed.” (all quotes from article linked at the top of this page)


And since young adults ‘don’t know how to have sex’–remember, these comments are made by doctors and specialists that spent most of their time in the college library on Friday night–apparently we need to start teaching toddlers how to. Unbelievable logic.


To make matters worse, these “experts” aren’t just advocating that parents have a private talk with their rugrats, they are saying that schools need to involve themselves with this at an early age.


“Prof Joyce Harper, who works for the embryology, IVF and reproductive genetics group at University College hospital London, advocates teaching sex education and fertility from a young age. She said: “We need to start at primary school … maybe even younger. Yes, kids are going to ask about their anatomy.”


I imagine that it would go something like this: ‘Okay class, after we practice coloring within the lines I am going to tell you how babies are made!’

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We don’t need this. Liberals are destroying our culture, our society, and now the innocence of our youngest members. Aren’t kids allowed to be kids anymore?

Preschoolers — Only South Park could predict this.

Oh, and the good folks at South Park, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, knew this day would come:

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