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Disney Pixar has crossed a line that there’s no turning back from now, and they’re paying a serious price for it.

The massive production company has been in the process of filming the live action production of its former hit “Aladdin,” which was a massive favorite among children when this writer was just a wee little lad. The flick stars moonbat Will Smith as the Genie, and it’s being directed by Guy Ritchie, who directed such films as “Snatch” and “Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels” – both cult classics.

But now, Ritchie, along with the leftist production company footing the bill for the new film, have fallen out of favor with the social justice crowd after what they decided to do to white actors in the movie. You see, in today’s times of social justice, cultural appropriation, racism being found literally everywhere, and an entire generation of children in adult bodies who throw temper tantrums whenever they don’t get their own way, when news broke that Disney was using white people instead of Asians as extras for the movie, outrage ensued.

Worse yet, they went apoplectic when it was discovered they used a skin darkening makeup to make the white people appear more ethnic.


The Daily Mail has more on this non-issue:

But despite production taking place under 30 miles from London, a city with a community of over one million Asian people, Disney said it was forced to bring in white actors to fill background roles.

The studio giant said positions for stunt men, dancers and camel handlers could not be filled for the film, which comes out in May next year.

Disney has come under fire for the move, with BAFTA-nominated director Riaz Meer accusing them hurling an ‘insult to the whole industry’.

British-Indian Naomi Scott is playing Jasmine and Egyptian-born Canadian Mena Massoud is playing the lead role of Aladdin.

However, despite Disney’s protestations, a man who worked on the film has claimed there were more white actors used than the studio would like to make out.

Extra Kaushal Odedra, 32, was a stand in for a lead star in the film and told the Times he saw up 20 ‘very fair skinned’ actors waiting to have their skin darkened in make up tents.

He also claimed Caucasian extras were even being browned up for crowd shots.

‘Disney are sending out a message that your skin colour, your identity, your life experiences amount to nothing that can be powered on and washed off’, he told the Times.

He topped it off with this whopper of a statement:

He said: ‘Failing to hire on-screen talent of the right ethnic identity to meet the clear needs of this productions is just plain wrong. We expect better from all filmmakers.’

Who else thinks we should file this under the “nobody cares” category because this is just a movie and movies are make believe? Yes, liberals, this is not a documentary or anything of the sort, it’s a made-up story about a genie that doesn’t exist in a land that never was and people that are nothing more than figures of the imagination.

This has nothing at all to do with social justice.

Speaking of which, where were all of these people when they decided to change “The Best Storybook Ever” so it was more politically correct, or turn traditionally white children’s characters into a minority?

Silent, that’s where.

So wat if Disney decided to use white actors and actresses in their film. There’s much bigger problems to deal with, like the fact we’re only 7 days into 2018 and there’s already been almost a murder a day in Chicago.

But yeah, let’s worry about some fictional movie that’ has genies flying around on magic carpets and granting wishes to little boys.

We really need to take the fluoride out of the water. It’s making people entirely too stupid.

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