BREAKING: Jan. 6th Political Prisoner Pens DISTURBING Letter Detailing Human Rights Abuses Within Jail- You Will NOT See This On TV

This article was written by Adam Wilson at our good friends at 100 Percent FED Up:

Human rights abuses against J6 prisoners have been well documented in the past year.  Lawyers representing January 6th defendants have went so far as to describe conditions in the prisons as similar to Guantanamo Bay.  This week, a January 6th political prisoner penned a heart wrenching open letter describing conditions in the prisons, denial of basic due process rights guaranteed under the Constitution, and demanding all charges against him are dropped.


The Gateway Pundit Reports

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“Pete Schwartz, a January 6 detainee, wrote a 23-page open letter and motion to the court on November 8 to drop all charges, release him, and rectify all the false accusations mentioned.”


Schwartz was arrested on February 2nd in Pennsylvania where 30 agents descended on him with armored vehicles, attacking him with flashbang grenades and aiming assault rifles at his chest.

“At no point did either my wife or I resist but we were both roughly handled and forced/dragged up the stairs after being shackled and handcuffed as we were shoved around,” Schwartz said.


Schwartz detailed extensive human rights violations by prosecutors, including giving him no bond, poor access to discovery/evidence against him in the case, speedy trial violations, no indictment/arraignment, and more.

In his concluding statement, Schwartz said, “the only threat to the country or to the fabric of American democracy is you, Judge Mehta, as you willfully ignore the Bill of Rights, along with the other traitors and enemies of this country.”

January 6th protesters have faced extensive human rights violations at the hands of the Biden Justice Department.  Richard Barnett, a protester at the January 6th rally, was allegedly beaten by prison guards and denied medical treatment when he thought he was having a heart attack, according to his lawyer. “They are treating those people worse than they treat the terrorists at Gitmo (short for Guantanamo),” Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R) claimed at a Cobb County Republican Party breakfast.

In October of this year, a federal judge openly questioned if J6 protesters are being treated fairly and consistently, considering the relatively light charges that BLM rioters faced last summer.

My friends- our people, who for the most part did NOTHING wrong are being completely abused by the Communist democrat piles of crap.

These bastards are no different than ADOLPH HITLER and MUST be held accountable.

Please pray for these patriots who are enduring this unjust suffering at the hands of these American hating democrat scumbags.

One more year and we will have the House and Senate and the Republicans will need to grow a huge pair of balls and take MASSIVELY aggressive actions to free these patriots and undo the unbelievable damage these Communists have deliberately caused to ruin America.

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Again, please pray for the J6 POLITICALPRISONERS being unconstitutionally held captive in the D.C. GITMO.

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God Bless.

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