On Saturday, the Democratic National Committee tried to raise money off of President Barack Obama’s possible impeachment by blasting out a fundraising email–with a subject line of “impeachment”–in which it quoted Republicans discussing the “I-word.”

The e-mail implied Republicans would try to impeach Obama if Democrats did not take back the House.

“Show these Republicans that they are way, way, off-base, and give President Obama a Congress that has his back,” the email solicitation read. “Democrats only need to win 17 Republican seats to take back the House of Representatives.”

The email quoted Reps. Blake Farenthold (R-TX), Kerry Bentivolio (R-MI), Rep. Michele Bachman (R-MN), and Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK).

By Tony Lee via http://www.breitbart.com

CLARK KENT @ http://americasff.wpengine.comobama_gee_whiz_AP

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