Doctor Drops Bombshell About Hillary’s MENTAL ISSUES, “Unfit” To Be…


Hillary has mental issues, but don’t take my word for it–the New York Times, NY Mag, Bloomberg, and hundreds of other publications have covered the issue–we just all forgot! The biggest indicator is that she believes in talking to spirits. She used to hold seances with the departed ghost of Eleanor Roosevelt. She once thought she was conversing with Gandhi. And good lord! If only this wasn’t true. As much as I want to hate Hillary (and boy, oh boy, I do!) this just makes me feel a bit sorry for her. The fact is, Hillary has been into some kooky stuff for quite some time — the New York Times actually covered her walk among the spirits all the way back in 1995! That’s right folks, I am not just sourcing this to some wonk’s blog. This is well substantiated fact. Even Billy has talked about it! But let’s get some quotes and citations in here for a moment. Here’s the New York Times:

Dr. Houston, a 57-year-old author of 15 books who is admired by many adherents of the human potential movement and of New Age mysticism, made headlines over the weekend because of her work with another mainstream figure, Hillary Rodham Clinton. “Seances” were among the interpretations of sessions in which Dr. Houston and Mrs. Clinton supposedly conversed with Eleanor Roosevelt and Gandhi.

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Sorry, let me repeat that last bit like a normal human would–Mrs. Clinton experienced auditory hallucinations of a conversation between a long dead former First Lady, and a peace-making, non-violent-protesting Indian liberator. My god. But it gets worse, here’s what NY Mag reported:


President Bill Clinton spoke at the ceremony [of a park’s dedication] . “As all of you famously learned when I served as president, my wife, now the secretary of state, was known to commune with Eleanor on a regular basis,” he said.

Well, that’s one joke that HRC is going to regret you made, Bill. Let’s let that stand on its own, and move on to one final quote–this time from Bloomberg:

Ted Widmer, another former speechwriter for Bill Clinton, said the White House turned to the Roosevelts for a kind of guidance during Clinton’s scandal-heavy second term. “We talked about history all the time,” he said. “We felt like Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt were friendly spirits.”

Oh come on. Can anyone reading this think of 1,000 better ways to phrase that same sentiment without using the word “spirits?” I sure can. Those were choice words. Because he knew about Hillary’s little necromancy. She’s institutionally insane, and everyone should know it by now–this just confirms the suspicions we already had.

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God Bless.



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