BREAKING: Document Surfaces PROVING Michelle Obama Has Been Funneling Taxpayer Dollars To Daughters

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Newly uncovered classified documents show that Michelle Obama has been ripping off U.S. taxpayers for the past 8 years. Not only has she fleeced us by taking numerous extravagant vacations but she also did funneled money to her mother and daughters who were with her during these trips by listing them as “Senior Staff.”

“Senior Staff” members are on the payroll!

What a racket! They all got paid to take these vacations!

From True Pundit:

According to an Air Force flight passenger manifest for the multi-million dollar trip, which included multiple days of sightseeing and a family safari, Michelle listed her daughters as “Senior Staff.” White House officials told True Pundit that as senior staff on an official diplomatic trip, Sasha and Malia could have also been paid a daily stipend in addition to the free flight, lodging, meals, sight seeing and safari.

Meanwhile, the First Lady also stacked the flights and trip with her mother, Marian Robinson and Leslie and Avery Robinson, her niece and nephew. Michelle also brought her makeup artist Carl Ray and hairstylist Johnny Wright — listing them as guests — according to the unclassified Air Force C-32 (Boeing 757) manifest.

Makeup artist? WTF? And why would she need a hairstylist when she wears fricking wigs?!?

Passenger flight manifests for Michelle Obama’s international travel are largely secret and unreleased. Now we understand exactly why they are so well guarded. How many more times did Michelle Obama list her daughters as Senior Staff and pack her junkets with personal friends and relatives? How much money were the Obama daughters paid to travel on U.S. taxpayers? Who else was paid?

Here is the unclassified Air Force C-32 (Boeing 757) manifest for their African vacation:


So not only did we, the American taxpayers, pay for their trips but we also paid them a fricking salary!



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