‘Dog The Bounty Hunter’s’ Wife Just Announced Her SHOCKING Choice For PRESIDENT… WHOA


A woman who makes her living capturing criminals on the streets of Hawaii has come out saying that there’s only one candidate strong enough to win her support- and it’s not Bernie Sanders!

Yes folks, Beth Chapman, the wife of Duane Chapman, known to most Americans as Dog the Bounty Hunter has come out in support of Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump! She’s even donated $2,700 towards the cause.

“He’s just no pu**y. I’m sorry to use that word, but that’s the fact, he’s not a pu**y. When he says something, he means it,” Chapman said in an interview with Olivia Nuzzi at The Daily Beast.

Being “a person who works in the streets every day of my life,” Chapman says, is what makes her want Trump in charge.


Chapman believes that Trump will be a “law and order guy” in the White House. “The criminals are winning and I think there has to be somebody where, if he’s gonna say ‘no,’ he’s gonna mean it,” she said.

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Like many Americans, Chapman is concerned that the country is spiraling out of control. She’s also concerned about Obama’s illegal immigration policies which have left our borders wide open for illegals as well as Jihads to waltz right in.


On Trumps proposed temporary ban on Muslims entering the United States due to what’s proven to be a useless screening process, Chapman says, “Until we understand who’s a good guy and who’s a bad guy, we have to shut it down,” adding, “I don’t agree with a full shutdown, but I do agree with some type of shutdown somewhere.”

She also commented on Trumps remarkable success saying, “You know, it takes an exceptional kind of person to make it to the top, all right?” Trump has overcame the hardships in business that keep most people from making it to the top.


“That deserves admiration, because that’s a person who, you know, they can persevere, they can push through, they are a winner at adversity. That’s the kind of person I want to get behind,” she said.

Hell yeah! Good for Beth Chapman!


(H/T Right Wing Tribune)


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