BREAKING: DOJ Made STRANGE Find On Trump Tower’s Servers, Obama PANICKING

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There’s been much suspicion of the intelligence community following accusations that President Trump had colluded with the Russians to win the election, and it turns out it’s for good reason.

A detail about the investigation that has gone widely unreported appears to suggest that the president may have been framed…yes, framed. Free Beacon reporter Adam Kredo appeared on One America News to discuss the strange find, which has to have the Obama team a bit nervous considering recent revelations about the CIA’s capabilities.

Check it out:

From the Free Beacon:

“It wasn’t very well reported, the Department of Justice revealed just last week that in fact some of these ties that they had witnessed between Trump Tower servers and Russian entities in fact, were stooged,” Kredo said.

Kredo went on to explain that malware may have been installed on these servers to mimick contacts with Russian entities in an effort to portray that the Trump campaign had the Russian contacts.

What makes this so significant? Wikileaks recently published documents from the CIA that revealed it’s capable of hacking computer systems and leaving the “fingerprints” from other nations, such as Russia.

In other words, it’s entirely possible that Obama’s CIA, under the leadership of political stooge John Brennan, hacked into the Trump Tower servers and installed the malware to make it appear as if it was in constant contact with the Russians.

Why would they do that?

Well, considering that some in the intel community have already leaked information that’s damaging to Trump, they’ve exposed the name of a U.S. citizen that was picked up in their surveillance, and the Democrat Party conspiring to frame Trump as a Russian agent, it’s really not too much of a stretch to think that Obama’s CIA was in on the action, is it?

Not to any rational observer. Now we just need the FBI to actually start investigating it.

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