Don Lemon Pushes HATE And Racism But Guess Who He Blames ‘White Supremacy” On?

The democrats use CNN for their puppet show propaganda and Lemon is one of their clowns that literally puts zero thought into what ludicrous propaganda he is pushing.

Lemon’s “go-to” is always racism, doesn’t matter what the topic is, he always does as he is told and pushes racism.


CNN anchor Don Lemon said Friday on his show “Tonight” that Fox News host Tucker Carlson was mainstreaming “white supremacist propaganda to your neighbors and your family members,” Breitbart reports.

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Lemon said, “We got to talk about what’s happening over on the propaganda network, the Fox propaganda network. I don’t concern myself of what the other guys are doing. But let me tell you why I am doing this because this is the mainstreaming of white supremacist propaganda to your neighbors and your family members, and it is coming from Tucker Carlson who is promoting the so-called replacement theory. Theory is really too good a word for it. It’s a lie. The lie that liberal elites are plotting to replace the white population with immigrants of color.”


People need to wake up to this moronic tactic and seriously start ignoring it, racism has become “the boy who cried wolf” one too many times.

Disagreeing with each other as humans on beliefs, religions, politics and anything else, is called free-agency to do so.  It does not make  a person racist, it does not make them a political extremist and certainly doesn’t make a person a white supremacist.


In today’s society if a person speaks the truth, they are immediately judged, labeled as a racist as well as turned into some vile monster to be part of their “witch hunts”.

In a video from Fox News, Carlson said, “I know that the left and all the little gate-keepers on Twitter become literally hysterical if you use the term ‘replacement.’ If suggest that the Democratic Party trying to replace the current electorate, the voters now casting ballots with new people, more obedient voters from the third world. But they become hysterical because that’s what’s happening actually. Let’s just say it that is true.”

He added, “This matters on a bunch of different levels, but on a basic level, it is a voting rights question. In a democracy, one person equals one vote. If you change the population, you dilute the political power of the people who live there. So every time they imported new voters, I become disenfranchised as a current voter. Everyone wants to make a racial issue out of it. ‘Oh, the white replacement theory.’ No, this is a voting rights question. I have less political power because they’re importing a brand new electorate. Why should I sit back and take that? The power that I have is an American, guaranteed that birth is one-man and one-vote, and they are diluting it. Why are we putting up with this?”

Not a single damn thing in Carlson’s statement is racist, it is the truth about what the Biden regime is doing by design at our southern borders.  Carlson is educating American citizens on what is happening and how your voting rights are being abused by illegal human trafficking by Biden and his ilk.

What Lemon is pushing is manipulation and indoctrination to push racial divide and hate into American citizens and this needs to stop.

Just read Lemon stated and you will see who is actually pushing racism and hate, as Breitbart reports:

Lemon said, “What is he talking about? A lot of talk about diluting the political power of the current electorate, which is mostly white people. The white votes should not be diluted. That’s what he’s saying. He’s talking about voting rights, one person, one vote. He’s twisting those concepts for his own end. What ends are those? to fuel up the audience with a false sense of grievance, grievance outrage to justify voter suppression based on anger, fears and lies and insecurity and racism.”

This is where people need to stop being cattle to the mainstream propaganda and start talking with each other.

If people just had open communication with one another, they would see that we do not have a racism problem, what we have is a tyranny problem.

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