Donald Trump Fires Back At McCain… Conservalibs Get All Butt-Hurt (Video)



Donald Trump fired back at Senator John McCain in response to McCain saying Trump is “Firing up the crazies’ and talking smack on The Donald publicly. Do we really care what McCain thinks about Trump? HELL NO! John McCain ran for president and lost. He looks and sounds like Winnie the Pooh to me. He has failed VETERANS, ARIZONA and our country as a whole. 

Well, today Trump unloaded on him and people are going NUTS! LMAO man this is classic!


This is from Trump’s Facebook page:

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Now THAT is awesome! Okay so here’s a series of Tweets from Trump!

“He’s a war hero ’cause he was captured. I like people that weren’t captured.”


LMAO! Trump is awesome. Trump is getting hammered on Twitter in response to his comments by the left and the right. Here’s a few of those.


Here’s the video!

Man The Donald is getting hammered by these people. Personally, I hope and pray that this whole thing doesn’t backfire on him. I like Trump. Dissing someone that served is not cool but I don’t really see a lot here. McCain sucks as a politician. Not to mention, McCain started the feud.


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  1. Marsha Moore says:


    • USAmerican100 says:

      After leaving college Trump had a high draft number so was not called up.
      He didn’t leave the country like Clinton to avoid the draft.

      • And how about Kerry, who served, but then joined a group stirring up s#it and threw away his medals, encouraging other, still mixed-up kids to do the same thing. Well, what do ya expect, he’s (as my son calls frenchies) a “cheese eatin’ surrender monkey”. A chickens#it through and through and we expect HIM to do any good for our country???

    • Get your facts straight before you make a statement. Trump, like tens of thousands of rich kids went to college and were deferred. He then drew a high number in the lottery like tens of thousands of young men his age and was not drafted because of the lottery. He could have enlisted, but by the time he left college the war was a joke, just like Iraq and Afghanistan have been. I would not have enlisted either at that point in time. Even if he had enlisted, he would have skated with no deployment to the war zone as an officer like every other rich kid did. By the way I am a Proud Vietnam Veteran.

    • Michael Knight says:

      Marsha, Marsha, Marsh! I am a vet, and woill never ever try to suppress your opinions, but please dont be blinded by these news articles or other people that believe they are being truthful including me. Research and do your due diligence before making statement like this. Trump didnt dodge the draft, he completed his education in AMERICA (unlike bill clinton ). He infact, after the war contributed and raised millions to try and get back POWs. Non of us are prevy to the mental thoughts of others. In this case, for historic fact, mccain, while a pow aided the enemy and as a direct result, thousands of our brothers never came back. He is responsible for the misfire of his plane on the USS Forestall, killing more sailors. His fayher, a high ranking Admiral, covered hos ass on that account. And helped persuade president nixson yo give him a presidential pardon so it wouldnt tarnish his political ambition. Mccain is a liberal pansy pretending t o be a Republican. He called his constituents and good people of the state of Arizona “crazies “. Trump was actually defending the american people! yhese othe so called republican canidates who are blasting trump, well they are all part of the ‘Good Ol Boy’ party. On both sidesbof the aisle (democrats and Republicans ) they are scared shitless that Trump is going to wipe the floor with them.
      What you need to realize is this. With trump, bing a billionbillionaire can fund his campaign himself. There is no lobbyists, corporation, other rich people that can temt and buy him. He is beholding to no one but yhe american people. These other canidates arent. And they have been in the politics hame long enough to be someones whore. Also, even though trump doesnt say ghe right things all the time, havent you noticed that he doesnt have to backtraxt, or studder. He speaks his mind and then stands by what he says. Good or bad. He is a obviously successful businessman with an intelligent that can pull america back up and help put us on the right track again.

      My one fault with your post is the end. Why did uou have to resort to namecalling and belittling? Passion i understand. But that was distasteful and uncalled for. So, like i said you are intitled to your opinion, but really research all the canidates so that you can think for yourself and make the best choice.

  2. The GOP, “Got Obama elected President” twice, will do anything to get a Moderate fence sitter nominated. One that will lose to A Killer Like Me Clinton. All these RINO’s and have been Repubs know they don’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of getting the nomination. The GOP has already picked their man. Bush. McCain should certainly be a veteran who is honored for his service, but he is a failure as a Senator who needs to retire before he does anymore damage. He is no friend of the Tea Party or Conservatives.

  3. Sherri Smith-Watson says:

    Especially when upset, Trump has a habit of blurting out whatever comes to mind without first considering the possible consequences. This is what happened here. Unlike his comments on illegals this one could hurt him even though he has been a strong supporter of veterans. The American people (with the possible exception of Obama) care a lot for their veterans. He is, however, right that the only reason McCain is considered a war “hero” is because he was a POW. He did nothing else in Vietnam that was heroic. Rumor has it that even his fellow POWs felt he sold out to the Viet Cong. I am married to a Vietnam Veteran and know that they have no love for McCain.

  4. McCain is a rino Obama enabler/ally …. and McCain contributed to nearly sinking his aircraft carrier.
    Probably lucky for the aircraft carrier that McCain did get shot down.

  5. disqus_qm6OxDniZ1 says:

    What war record for John McCain? We know he got shot down
    and captured but are the 30 or so videos and statements he made for the enemy
    available? He DID make those statements and admits them.

    Getting captured DOES NOT MAKE YOU A HERO! If that’s the
    case there should be a monument to POW Robert Garwood.

    Would John McCain walk back his comments on fellow POW
    Robert Garwood?

    Here are John McCain’s words on PFC Robert Garwood that actually
    sound like a reflection and confession of his own time spent in POW camps;

    “Even giving Garwood the benefit of every doubt, showing him
    extraordinary charity, would leave us with a portrayal of Garwood that stands
    in sharp contrast to the fairy tale broadcast on ABC last night. At best,
    Garwood, through his own carelessness, was captured by enemy forces; he was
    quickly broken by the enemy; from fear or mental delusion, he joined forces
    with his captors; from fear or mental delusion, he utterly broke faith with his
    fellow POWs and his country; he served as an instrument of repression against
    his fellow POWs; he refused early release from captivity in 1967, and
    volunteered to remain in Vietnam,”

  6. Posty_McPostsalot says:


    • Dana Westendarp says:

      Don’t forget that veteran started the attack on Trump and the so called crazies. Trump may have shown disrespect for one veteran but McCain has shown disrespect towards a country full of veterans by his inactions. Veterans should have been on the front burner since McCain has been in office and Hillary clearly has no respect for military whether active or inactive. Remember Benghazi.

    • Michael Knight says:

      Consider this, trump stood up for the common people that mccain disrespectful called “crazies “. And mccain is actually no better than jane fonda, cause he aided the enemy, hot thousands killed, and had to have his high ranking military father and then president nixson get him a pardon for war crimes. McCain is as treasonous as oboma and his administration is. Dont just believe yhese news feeds, research “Canary McCain ” for yourself, and draw your conclusions on that. Because if hilarious clinton your next choice, we are all doomed. If she becomes president, it wont be the USA anymore, it will turn into the USSRofA! Ir new land of Islam…..

  7. Unfortunately, most of the “regular politicians” who have been hammering Trump will miss the real message behind his rather “in artful” musings! He is very clearly demonstrating that people are just plain fed up with the “regular hustlers” and would like to see a real person for a change, one who will be honest and work for the American People! With the right folks around him, Mr. Trump may indeed be just what this nation desperately needs! It’s a lead pipe cinch, more of what we’ve had is not going to do anything for anyone except the newly elected royal family!

  8. Jim Niven says:

    McCain is a rino and you need to check what is out there on him he is no hero, he needs to be put out to pasture and forgotten

  9. . Sadly, McCain rides on his reputation as a POW, but his actual effectiveness as an elected official has been on the negative side of the scale… especially the past few years!
    JUST because someone was a POW, War Hero, Veteran doesn’t mean that everything they say and do after point that is a revelation directly from God.

    McCain has sold out to the liberals numerous times! Some have been exposed by the press… but many others were not publicized! To call attention to that fact is merely that – telling it like it is. But in these “Politically Correct” governed times, TRUTH SPEAKERS are automatically vilified, demonized and verbally crucified by the press!

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